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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

FIVE CATEGORIES of historic sites are described and listed in the following pages: First are units of the National Park System; second, National Historic Sites in non-Federal ownership; third, sites eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks; fourth, historic districts eligible for the Registry; and fifth, sites of sufficient importance to merit attention but not considered nationally significant when measured by the criteria. The sites are listed, within these categories, alphabetically by States.

Many sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, maintained by the National Park Service's Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation. The register consists not only of sites in the National Park System and National Historic Landmarks but also those of State and local significance, nominated through appropriate channels by various States. It is published biennially and distributed by the Superintendent of Documents.

For the convenience of users of this volume, on the next page the sites and buildings are listed alphabetically by State. The following code indicates site categories:

Site Categories

National Park Service National Park System unit
National Historic Landmark National Historic Landmark
Other site Other Sites Considered

NOTE: The following descriptions indicate sites that are open to the public. Before visiting any of them, inquiry should be made to the owners or custodians concerning dates and hours of access and admission costs, usually nominal. Special permission should be obtained to visit privately owned sites. Web Edition Note: Since the publication of this document (1968) the status of some of these properties may have changed during the ensuing years. Where available, links are provided from each site to current Web pages that contain up-to-date information on these sites, including visitation information. While most of the sites are open to the public, some sites remain closed to visitation.

Explorers and Settlers: Historic Sites of National Significance (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

A Sites in the National Park System
B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership
C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks
E. Other Sites Considered

A. Sites in the National Park System

1. Natchez Trace Parkway, Ala.-Miss.-Tenn.

2. Coronado National Memorial, Ariz.
3. Tumacacori National Monument, Ariz.

4. Arkansas Post National Memorial, Ark.

5. Cabrillo National Monument, Calif.
6. Channel Islands National Monument, Calif.
7. Point Reyes National Seashore, Calif.
8. Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.

9. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Fla.
10. De Soto National Memorial, Fla.
11. Fort Caroline National Memorial, Fla.
12. Fort Matanzas National Monument, Fla.

13. Fort San Carlos de Barrancas (Gulf Islands National Seashore), Fla.

14. Fort Frederica National Monument, Ga.
15. Ocmulgee National Monument, Ga.

16. Acadia National Park, Maine
17. St. Croix Island International Historic Site, Maine

18. Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, Mass.
19. Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Mass.

20. Grand Portage National Monument, Minn.

21. El Morro National Monument, N. Mex.
22. Pecos National Historical Park, N. Mex.
23. Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (Abó, Quarai, Gran Guivira), N. Mex.

24. Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, N.C.

25. Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (Big Hidatsa Village Site), N. Dak.

26. Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pa.

27. Roger Williams National Memorial, R.I.

28. Crossing of the Fathers (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area), Utah

29. Cape Henry Memorial (Colonial National Historical Park), Va.
30. Green Spring Plantation Site (Colonial National Historical Park), Va.
31. Jamestown Island (Colonial National Historical Park) and Jamestown National Historic Site, Va.

32. San Juan National Historic Site, P.R.

33. Christiansted National Historic Site, V.I.
34. Columbus Landing Site (Salt River Bay National Historic Park & Ecological Preserve), V.I.
35. Virgin Islands National Park, V.I.

B. National Historic Sites in Non-Federal Ownership

1. Chicago Portage National Historic Site, Ill.

2. Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church National Historic Site, Pa.

3. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, Tex.

C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

1. Apalachicola Fort, Ala. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
2. Fort Toulouse (Fort Jackson), Ala. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

3. Awatovi, Ariz. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
4. San Xavier del Bac Mission, Ariz. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

5. Carmel Mission, Calif. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
6. Fort Ross, Calif. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
7. Old Mission Dam (Padre Dam), Calif. (NHL Designation: 05/21/63)
8. Royal Presidio Chapel, Calif. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
9. San Diego Presidio, Calif. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
10. Santa Barbara Mission, Calif. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

11. Stanley Whitman House, Conn. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

12. Fort Christina Del. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
13. Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Del. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)

14. San Luis de Talimali (Apalache), Fla. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

15. Fort de Chartres, Ill. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
16. Old Kaskaskia Village Site, Ill. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
17. Starved Rock, Ill. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

18. El Cuartelejo (Scott County Pueblo Site), Kans. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
19. Tobias-Thompson Complex, Kans. (NHL Designation: 07/04/64)

20. Cabildo, La. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
21. Fort de la Boulaye, La. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
22. Jackson Square, La. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
23. Ursuline Convent, La. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

24. Cole's Hill, Mass. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
25. Fairbanks House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
26. Old Ship Church, Mass. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
27. Parson Capen House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
28. Paul Revere House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 01/20/61)
29. "Scotch"-Boardman House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
30. Whipple House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

31. Fort Michilimackinac, Mich. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
32. St. Ignace Mission, Mich. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

33. Kathio Site, Minn. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)

34. Fatherland Plantation Site (Grand Village of the Natchez), Miss. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)

35. Utz Site, Mo. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)

36. Pike-Pawnee Village Site (Hill Site), Nebr. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)

37. Acoma Pueblo, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
38. Hawikuh, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
39. Palace of the Governors, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
40. San Gabriel de Yungue-ouinge, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
41. Taos Pueblo, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

42. Boughton Hill (Gannagaro) Site, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)
43. Dutch Reformed (Sleepy Hollow) Church, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
44. Fort Crailo, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
45. Fort St. Frederic, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
46. Old House, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
47. Philipsburg Manor, Upper Mills, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
48. Philipse Manor Hall, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
49. Van Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)
50. Voorlezer's House, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)

51. Menoken Indian Village Site, N. Dak. (NHL Designation: 07/19/64)

52. Forks of the Ohio, Pa. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
53. The Printzhof, Pa. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)

54. Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, R.I. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
55. Adam Thoroughgood House, Va. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
56. Bacon's Castle, Va. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
57. St. Luke's Church, Va. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

58. La Fortaleza, P.R. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

D. Historic Districts Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks (date of NHL designation noted)

1. Monterey (Old Town), Calif. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)
2. San Juan Bautista Pueblo, Calif. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)

3. New Castle, Del. (NHL Designation: 12/24/67)

4. St. Augustine, Fla. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)

5. Vieux Carré, La. (NHL Designation: 12/21/65)

6. Colonial Annapolis, Md. (NHL Designation: 06/23/65)
7. St. Marys City, Md. (NHL Designation: 08/04/69)

8. Ste. Genevieve, Mo. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)

9. Santa Fe, N. Mex. (NHL Designation: 12/19/60)

10. Colonial Niagara (Old Fort Niagara), N.Y. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
11. Huguenot Street, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
12. Hurley, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 11/05/61)

E. Other Sites Considered (those properties subsequently receiving NHL designation are noted)

1. Dauphin Island, Ala.
2. Fort Conde (Fort Charlotte) Site, Ala.
3. Fort Louis de la Mobile (Fort Louis de la Louisiane) Site, Ala.
4. Fort Tombigbee Site, Ala.

5. Hano Pueblo, Ariz.
6. Tubac, Ariz.

7. John Law Colony (lost site), Ark.
8. Menard, Wallace, and Related Sites, Ark. (NHL Designation: 04/11/89)

9. Angel Island, Calif.
10. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Calif.
11. Cajon Pass, Calif.
12. Dana Point, Calif.
13. De la Guerra Adobe, Calif.
14. Los Angeles Pueblo, Calif.
15. El Molino Viejo, Calif.
16. Placerita Canyon, Calif.
17. La Purisima Concepción Mission (Lompoc), Calif. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)
18. La Purisima Concepción Mission Site (Fort Yuma), Calif.
19. Rancho Guajome, Calif.
20. Rancho Los Alamos, Calif.
21. Rancho Los Cerritos, Calif.
22. Rancho Petaluma, Calif.
23. San Antonio de Padua Mission, Calif.
24. San Diego Pueblo (Old Town), Calif.
25. San Francisco Bay Discovery Site, Calif.
26. San Gabriel Arcangel Mission, Calif.
27. San Jose Pueblo Site, Calif.
28. San Juan Capistrano Mission, Calif.
29. San Luis Rey de Francia Mission, Calif. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)
30. Santa Barbara Presidio and Pueblo, Calif. (NHL Designation: 10/09/60)
31. Sonoma Pueblo, Calif. (NHL Designation: 12/19/60)
32. Trinidad Head, Calif.
33. Villa de Branciforte (Santa Cruz), Calif.
34. Yerba Buena Pueblo, Calif.

35. Buttolph-Williams House, Conn. (NHL Designation: 11/24/68)
36. Henry Whitfield House, Conn. (NHL Designation: 09/25/9)7
37. Nehemiah Royce House, Conn.
38. Thomas Lee House, Conn.

39. Hendrickson House, Del.
40. McIntire House, Del.
41. Old Dutch House, Del.
42. Swedish Blockhouse, Del.

43. San Francisco de Oconee (Scott Miller Site), Fla.
44. San Marcos de Apalache (Fort St. Marks), Fla. (NHL Designation: 11/13/66)

45. Santa Catalina de Guale Mission Site, Ga.
46. Spanish Mission Site, Ga.

47. Cahokia Courthouse, Ill.
48. Fort Kaskaskia State Park, Ill.
49. Fort Massac, Ill.
50. Pere Marquette State Park, Ill.

51. Vincennes, Ind.

52. Arkansas City Country Club Site, Kans.
53. Fanning Site, Kans.

54. Fort St. Jean Baptiste de Natchitoches Sites, La.
55. Fort St. Philip, La.
56. Longfellow-Evangeline State Park, La.
57. Presidio of Los Adaes Site, La. (NHL Designation: 06/23/86)
58. St. Louis Cathedral, La.
59. Sang pour Sang Hill, La.

60. Norridgewock Site, Maine (NHL Designation: 04/12/93)
61. Popham Colony Site (lost site), Maine
62. York Gaol, Maine

63. Cross Manor, Md.
64. Hill Farm, Md.
65. Holly Hill, Md.

66. House of Seven Gables, Mass.
67. Jethro Coffin House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 12/24/68)
68. John Ward House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 12/24/68)
69. Peter Tufts House, Mass. (NHL Designation: 12/24/68)
70. Plymouth Rock, Mass.
71. Rebecca Nurse House, Mass.
72. William Harlow House, Mass.

73. Fort L'Huillier Site, Minn.
74. Fort St. Charles Site, Minn.

75. Davion's Bluff (Loftus Heights), Miss.
76. Fort Rosalie (Fort Panmure) Site, Miss.
77. Old Spanish Fort, Miss.

78. Richard Jackson House, N.H. (NHL Designation: 12/24/68)
79. William Dam Garrison House, N.H.

80. Nothnagle House, N.J.
81. Swedish Log Cabin, N.J.
82. Trinity Episcopal (Old Swedes) Church, N.J.
83. Zabriskie-Von Steuben House, N.J.

84. Coronado State Monument, N. Mex.
85. San Felipe de Neri Church, N. Mex.
86. San Jose de Giusewa Mission, N. Mex.
87. San Juan Pueblo, N. Mex.

88. Billou-Stilwell Perine House, N.Y.
89. Bowne House, N.Y.
90. Brett-Teller House, N.Y.
91. Caughnawaga Site, N.Y.
92. Dyckman House, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 12/24/67)
93. Fort Ste. Marie de Gannentatha N.Y.
94. Lefferts Homestead, N.Y.
95. National Shrine of North American Martyrs, N.Y.
96. Nichols Pond Site, N.Y.
97. Old Stone Fort, N.Y.
98. Pieter Bronck House, N.Y.
99. Pieter Wyckoff Homestead, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 12/24/67)
100. Senate House, N.Y.
101. Van Alen House, N.Y. (NHL Designation: 12/24/67)

102. Grand Assembly of the Albemarle (lost site), N.C.

103. Cape Meares, Oreg.

104. Caleb Pusey House, Pa.
105. Fort Le Boeuf, Pa.
106. Fort Presque Isle Site, Pa.
107. Lower Swedish Cabin, Pa.
108. Pennsbury Manor, Pa.
109. Swedish Cabin (Morton Homestead), Pa.

110. Eleazar Arnold House, R.I. (NHL Designation: 12/24/68)
111. Great Swamp Fight Site (lost site), R.I.

112. Albemarle Point (Old Town), S.C.
113. Medway Plantation, S.C.
114. Middleburg Plantation, S.C. (NHL Designation: 04/15/70)
115. Parris Island, S.C.

116. La Verendrye Site, S. Dak. (NHL Designation: 07/17/91)

117. Fort Assumption. Site, Tenn.
118. Fort Loudoun, Tenn. (NHL Designation: 06/23/65)
119. Fort Prudhomme Site, Tenn.

120. Fort St. Louis Site, Tex.
121. La Bahía (Goliad), Tex.
122. San Antonio, Tex. (NHL Designation: 12/19/60)
123. San Francisco de los Tejas Mission (lost site), Tex.
124. San Saba Mission and San Luis Presidio, Tex.
125. Spanish Fort Site, Tex.

126. Chimney Point, Vt.
127. Fort Ste. Anne Site, Vt.

128. Belle Air, Va.
129. Bladensfield Estate, Va.
130. Fort Monroe, Va. (NHL Designation: 12/19/60)
131. Grace Church, Va.
132. Henricus (Hennicopolis) Site, Va.
133. Hill Farm, Va.
134. Keeling House, Va.
135. Merchant's Hope Church, Va.
136. Old Mansion, Va.
137. Rosegill Estate, Va.
138. Sheild House, Va.
139. Smith's Font Plantation Site (Rolfe House), Va.

140. Discovery Bay, Wash.
141. Neah Bay, Wash.
142. Point Grenville, Wash.

143. Green Bay, Wis.
144. Prairie du Chien, Wis.
145. Roi-Porlier-Tank Cottage, Wis.

146. Fort San Gerónimo, P.R.

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