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New York

Location: Westchester County, 381 Bellwood Avenue, off U.S. 9, north of intersection with N.Y. 117, North Tarrytown.

Ownership and Administration. Sleepy Hollow Restorations, Inc., Tarrytown.

Significance. This simple stone house authentically portrays a great 17th-century manor and presents a remarkable picture of Dutch settlement in the lower Hudson Valley before 1750. Frederick Philipse, First Lord of the manor of Philipsburg, built the older portion about 1683, although he used the more pretentious manor house at the site of Yonkers, a few miles south, as his main residence when away from the city of New York.

When the First Lord died, in 1702, the northern section of the manor passed to his second son, Adolphus, who made the house at North Tarrytown his permanent home. From the more imposing manor house at Yonkers, Frederick Philipse II ruled the southern section of the manor. When Adolphus died, in 1750, Frederick II inherited the northern portion of the estate and reunited the entire manor under a single owner. Frederick II continued to live in the more elaborate manor house at Yonkers, and the building at North Tarrytown fell into obscurity. In 1785, Gerard Beekman added the frame wing to the original stone structure. The house was much abused over the years until its restoration was undertaken in 1943. It is now a project of Sleepy Hollow Restorations.

Present Appearance. When all restoration work is completed and the house opened to the public, 24 rooms will be furnished in period style from the date of the earliest construction to the opening of the 19th century. These rooms will present a vivid cross section of the continuity of Dutch life and tradition on the Hudson. Further adding to the interest and historical integrity of the property is the nearby Dutch Reformed (Sleepy Hollow) Church, built around 1697 by Frederick Philipse I for his tenants. [55]

NHL Designation: 11/05/61

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Last Updated: 22-Mar-2005