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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

A. Sites in the National Park System

The principal aim of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings is to identify nationally important historic sites that are not units of the National Park System, but no such survey would be complete without mention of sites in the system. The sites described below are those administered by the National Park Service that have primary or secondary associations with the phases of history treated in this volume. Further information about a particular site may be obtained by writing directly to the superintendent at the address indicated.

Since the initial publication of this document (1968), ten sites eligible for National Historic Landmark designation have now been added to the National Park System; these sites have been added to this list.

1. Natchez Trace Parkway, Ala.-Miss.-Tenn.

2. Coronado National Memorial, Ariz.
3. Tumacacori National Monument, Ariz.

4. Arkansas Post National Memorial, Ark.

5. Cabrillo National Monument, Calif.
6. Channel Islands National Monument, Calif.
7. Point Reyes National Seashore, Calif.
8. Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.

9. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Fla.
10. De Soto National Memorial, Fla.
11. Fort Caroline National Memorial, Fla.
12. Fort Matanzas National Monument, Fla.

13. Fort San Carlos de Barrancas (Gulf Islands National Seashore), Fla.

14. Fort Frederica National Monument, Ga.
15. Ocmulgee National Monument, Ga.

16. Acadia National Park, Maine
17. St. Croix Island International Historic Site, Maine

18. Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, Mass.
19. Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Mass.

20. Grand Portage National Monument, Minn.

21. El Morro National Monument, N. Mex.
22. Pecos National Historical Park, N. Mex.
23. Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (Abó, Quarai, Gran Guivira), N. Mex.

24. Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, N.C.

25. Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (Big Hidatsa Village Site), N. Dak.

26. Fort Necessity National Battlefield, Pa.

27. Roger Williams National Memorial, R.I.

28. Crossing of the Fathers (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area), Utah

29. Cape Henry Memorial (Colonial National Historical Park), Va.
30. Green Spring Plantation Site (Colonial National Historical Park), Va.
31. Jamestown Island (Colonial National Historical Park) and Jamestown National Historic Site, Va.

32. San Juan National Historic Site, P.R.

33. Christiansted National Historic Site, V.I.
34. Columbus Landing Site (Salt River Bay National Historic Park & Ecological Preserve), V.I.
35. Virgin Islands National Park, V.I.

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Last Updated: 22-Mar-2005