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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

National Historic Landmark LA VÉRENDRYE SITE
South Dakota

Location: Stanley County, Third Avenue near Third Street, Fort Pierre.

On February 16, 1913, a lead plate inscribed with the names of four 18th-century French explorers, and dated March 30, 1743, was found at this site, although the location of its original placement has been questioned by some historians. Louis-Joseph and Francois de la Vérendrye and two companions, returning eastward from the Black Hills region, deposited the plate to commemorate their attempt to find a Northwest Passage to the "Western Sea." Their expedition was one of two organized and financed by Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de la Vérendrye, the famous French explorer. The South Dakota Historical Society and the Fort Pierre Commercial Club have placed a marker at the site. The plate itself is in the possession of the society.

NHL Designation: 07/17/91

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Last Updated: 22-Mar-2005