Military band in a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue

A Day of Remembrance

Americans commemorate Memorial Day and the sacrifices of our military in many different ways from ceremonies to spending time together.

Kayak tour on land near their boats

Safety Out on the Water

Navigate waters safely with tips to be prepared, stay vigilant,and know how to react to keep your boating adventures fun.

Woman singing to a line of hula dancers

Sharing Heritage and History

Explore Asian American and Pacific Islander history that shaped the nation and celebrate the rich, diverse heritage of today.

Historical photo of Jimmy Carter on a farm holding a handful of peanuts

This Month's National Park Getaway

Visit the home of a living president to explore his hometown roots and continuing legacy at Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.

Large dam connecting two cliffaces over a river

Strengthening Infrastructure

Infrastructure in parks plays a vital role in the enjoyment and preservation of parks and surrounding communities. Learn more.

Park ranger talking to news reporter

National Park News

Find the latest news and events, search for images and videos, and discover facts and figures about the national parks.

Close-up of woman looking through a camera viewfinder at woods

Photos, Videos, Webcams & More

Explore the national parks through multimedia. Search for photos, videos, webcams, and audio files on any topic.

Last updated: May 18, 2019