Standing Guard: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Forts are the bookends to America's story, from the first European footsteps on North American soil to modern-day concerts. Early forts made of wood, adobe, and earth protected trade routes and shielded new settlements against a native population defending their very existence. Giants of masonry and concrete guarded cities and harbors against foreign invasion. Today, forts form the backbone of urban revitalization and historic preservation efforts across the country.

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Find a Fort

Explore forts in the national parks!

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News and Announcements

Check out the lastest in news releases and announcements that relate to forts and fort parks around the National Park Service.

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Events at Forts

Experience a wide variety of celebrations, activities, and programs at forts around the nation.

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Preserving Historic Forts

Learn more about the tools, techniques and people that come together to preserve and maintain historic forts for future generations.

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Video: Historic Fort Yellowstone

Fort Yellowstone protected Yellowstone from poachers and souvenir hunters, a job that would transition to the new National Park Service.

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Forts open up opportunities for family fun and learning for all ages. Explore our Kids & Education page for activities and resources.

Last updated: August 26, 2019