Climate Change And Your National Parks

Today's rapid climate change challenges national parks in ways we've never seen before. Glaciers are retreating at an unprecedented rate, increasingly destructive storms threaten cultural resources and park facilities, habitat is disrupted—the list goes on. Discover how climate change is affecting our nation's treasures, what the National Park Service is doing about it, and how you can help.

Flowchart showing a winding path around forests in decline from fire, floods, erosion, etc

New scenario planning reports released

Learn more about how Big Bend and Devils Tower are using scenario planning

Watercolor painting of a wetlands landscape in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

How Do You Pack a Coast?

Not everything we love about south Louisiana will fit in a grab-and-go box. How do we safeguard our special places from climate change?

Collage of national park photos

Social Media

Follow us online to learn more about how national parks are being affected by climate change.

Sandy beach with boardwalk sloping to sand in front of dune grass

Vulnerability Assessments

What's a Vulnerability Assessment anyway? Learn how coastal parks are being threatened from rising seas

Last updated: March 11, 2020


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