Climate Change And Your National Parks

The National Park Service is responsible for many of our nation's most treasured places. Efforts to restore ecosystems, recover imperiled species, enhance visitor infrastructure, and protect night skies are all important to preserving our parks for the benefit of all visitors.

But as human activity drives rapid changes to our modern climate, we must similarly respond to the impacts it brings to our parks. Though unprecedented in size and scope, the National Park Service is rising to the challenge with a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes science, facilitates adaptation, encourages sustainable operations, and supports broad communication.

From Acadia to Zion, units across the National Park System are actively working to address the challenge of climate change.

A person in a field looks through a binoculars into distance on a sunny day

Our Strategy

Learn more about how the National Park Service is planning for a changing climate

A gloved hand holds a small evergreen seedling against a blue sunny ski

Understand the Science

The National Park Service uses the best-available to science to inform climate change decision making

Two yellow-clad firefighters wrap an enormous giant sequoia trunk with an aluminum material

Adapt to Change

A number of tools and techniques are employed to help parks adapt to climate change

A cyclist prepares to load her mountain bike onto a trailer behind a shuttle van

Mitigate the Cause

How is the National Park Service working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from park operations?

A park ranger speaks while smiling in front of green forest understory with view to mountainside

Share the Story

Park rangers and partners are communicating climate change stories throughout America's national parks

Photo of a couple dozen smiling people standing in grass in front of tree

Climate Change Response Program

What is the NPS Climate Change Response Program? Learn more about this dedicated team and their work

Last updated: October 5, 2021


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