Protect Your Public Lands

Our understanding of invasive species, the threats they pose, and how we should address those threats changes as we learn more. Invasive species are a complex challenge in the National Park Service, but the good news is that you can help prevent their impacts by making a few simple choices, whether in national parks or in your community.

Artwork featuring invasive species
What are Invasive Species?

Native species, non-native species, invasive species, pests... Find out what’s the difference.

a boot in a boot brushing station
How Do Invasive Species Spread?

Invasive species spread in a variety of ways, even sometimes on our boots.

three people clean an inflatable raft
What You Can Do

Just a few steps can prevent the spread of invasive species.

a restored meadow with pink flowers
Invasive species success stories

With the hard work of park staff and your help, success is possible!

Last updated: February 21, 2024