National Parks Protect our Ocean and Coasts

These 88 ocean and coastal parks are conserved so all may know and experience the nation's ocean and maritime heritage. These spectacular places encompass beautiful coral reefs, kelp forests, beaches, tidewater glaciers, estuaries, sand dunes, islands, and more. Many are also gateways for exploring the nation's rich maritime and military history. Explore this site to learn more about America's great waters and the ways in which they connect us all.


Science at Sea in the Gulf of Mexico

This month, 4 southeastern parks will add to the body of knowledge about ocean acidification in the Gulf of Mexico. Follow the voyage.

Coral reef at Biscayne National Park

Ocean Habitats

The ocean contains the greatest diversity of life on Earth.

A boy scuba dives at Dry Tortugas National Park


Our ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes parks are here for you to enjoy, whether you are seeking quiet contemplation or high adventure.

Two starfish side by side in an ocean tide pool.

Ocean Life

Discover the many organisms that populate our ocean.

Children look at seastars

Ocean Education

Immerse your students in this amazing environment.

Micro plastics found in the ocean.

Ocean Threats

Some human activities contribute to poor health in our ocean and coastal areas.

Scientists take coastline measurements.

Protect the Ocean

Learn to live blue.


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