The Past Has Layers

Many people think the past is behind us. Archeologists know it's just below the surface. If you enjoy putting clues together to solve mysteries, and are curious about people and their cultures in other times and places, then archeology just might be for you!

Archeology is a scientific practice which uncovers the ways people lived in the past through the places and artifacts they left behind. From the stories archeologists uncover, they bring a unique perspective to the present time and to choices about the future.


Great Gallery wall paintings of people at Canyonlands National Park

A unique perspective on past life.

Oyster shell tabby slave cabins.

Lands and seas where people left a mark.

Ceramic sherd on hand.

Things made and used over time.

Battle at River Raisin
Celebrate American Heritage

If there’s one thing Americans have in common, it's dedication to the pursuit of liberty.

Boy and woman screening dirt.
Explore Archeology for Kids

Find out what archeologists do and how. Try it yourself!

Last updated: July 16, 2024