Set Sail

From the beginning, people have used waterways and the lands beside them in a variety of ways - for commerce and transportation, defense and warfare, work and play, food and shelter, and as part of their traditions and cultural identities.

Picture of a white elevated building overlooking the water
Maritime Heritage Program

Information about the Maritime Heritage Program

Anacapa Lighthouse with the Santa Monica Mountains in Background
Maritime Heritage Grants

Information on Maritime Heritage Grants eligibility, application, and management.

View of Cinnamon Bay
Maritime Parks

Parks to visit to learn more about Maritime Heritage.

Park ranger speaks with a visitor on a summer boat program.
Lesson Plans

Teaching with Historic Places lessons plans relevant to Maritime Heritage.

A red-roofed white lighthouse and keepers quarters surrounded by rock and water.
Lighthouses Site

Visit our Lighthouses website for more!

Last updated: May 7, 2024