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National parks contain many of our nation's most treasured landscapes, from the majestic mountain ranges of Alaska to the vast prairies of the Everglades. Learn about the natural resources in parks, from the rocks under our feet to the sky overhead and everything in between. Discover the issues that affect our parks and how we join with neighbors and partners to address them. Meet the people who protect our parks and learn how you can help preserve these treasures for generations to come.

clouds reflecting on a lake

Protecting Water

Rushing rivers, soothing oceans, active wetlands, and even the water you can’t see, all contribute a healthy functioning ecosystem.

intern surveying the Nisqually Glacier at Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

Women In Science

There are many inspiring women in science in the National Park Service. Hear their stories and learn more about their work.


What should I do if I see a bear?

Seeing a bear in the wild is a special treat for any visitor to a national park. Learn about visitor and bear safety.

Archaeological dig at Honouliuli

Archaeological dig at Honouliuli

Join the University of Hawaii archaeological field school at Honouliuli National Monument.

Bison with nose in snow

How do bison get ready for winter?

Learn how the bison is built for it all - even frigid winters!

Two adults and two kids gather around a net

Get involved in citizen science

Citizen scientists work alongside researchers to collect data and find answers to real-world questions.

Two people lean over a white dish of water

Article Series: Parks in Science History

Highlighting the roles that national parks have played in the history of science and, therefore, the world's intellectual heritage.

Last updated: February 14, 2019