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National parks contain many of our nation's most treasured landscapes, from the majestic mountain ranges of Alaska to the vast prairies of the Everglades. Learn about the natural resources in parks, from the rocks under our feet to the sky overhead and everything in between. Discover the issues that affect our parks and how we join with neighbors and partners to address them. Meet the people who protect our parks and learn how you can help preserve these treasures for generations to come.

A student holds a sea creature above a tidepool

Outside Science (inside parks)

Explore a tidepool! Tour a cave! This video series highlights the many ways young people are getting involved in science in parks.

kayakers on the water

Go kayaking! Or camping! Or birding!

Visiting national parks? Here are 20 ideas to help you enjoy the great outdoors and recreate responsibly.

a campfire with people sitting around it

20 Ways to Create a Park

Staying close to home this summer? Create fun and meaningful experiences in your own community, yard, or nearby park.

mountain lake  Mountains and clouds reflect in Upper Twin Lake from near the head of the lake. Lake

20 Story Maps for 2020

Explore parks from home. These 20 story maps that explain many natural features and resources across the National Park Service.

A tent illuminated under a starry sky

Sleep under the stars

Camping can be the gateway to discovering natural wonders. Find a campground near you and learn what camping has to offer.

a hiker on a board walk beneath tall trees

Hit the trail

Time to lace up your hiking boots! National parks offer many opportunities to hit the trail. Get ready, adventure awaits.

Detailed illustration of the coronavirus structure

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn about the National Park Service response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Last updated: August 10, 2020