Discover the Secret Lives of Bats

Millions of bats live in national parks. In fact, more than 45 unique species of bats live in national parks! They pollinate, eat insects, use echolocation, and fascinate visitors. Some migrate, and some hibernate. Each species is unique, except that they're all facing threats of some type in their environments. 

western small-footed bat hangs on rock wall

New State With Fungus That Causes WNS

The fungus that causes white-nose syndrome has been detected in South Dakota for the first time.

tri-colored bat on cave wall

Find Bats in Parks

Use this map to find out how many species of bats live in different national parks.

tri-colored bat with white-nose syndrome

White-nose Syndrome Projects in Parks

Park staff manage projects to learn more about white-nose syndrome.

leaf-nosed bat flies in cave

How Bats Fly

Bats use special skills to fly the night sky.

Last updated: April 3, 2020


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