"The world must be made safe for democracy."

The United States joined in the war April 6, 1917, but the story does not begin or end there. Where does the story of World War I intersect with the stories of national parks? The answers might surprise you.

United States Map


Find and explore parks with WWI connections!

An army tank sits under a tree.

Preparing for War

Manufacturing, training, and beyond.

Suffragettes picket outside the White House fence.

Society and Politics

While the war raged across the ocean, social and political movements made waves at home.

German submariners stand on the deck as waves crash around them.

Fighting the War

Although it was primarily a European war, German U-Boats operated off the American coast.

Soldiers march in a parade on a city street lined with spectators.

Impacts and Legacy

A war that ravaged Europe also left its mark on America, influencing events and perspectives for decades to come.