Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides the public the right to request access to records from federal agencies. It is described as the law that keeps citizens “in the know” about their government. Federal agencies are required to disclose any information requested under the FOIA unless it falls under one of nine exemptions that protect interests such as personal privacy, confidential business information, internal deliberations, and law enforcement. The National Park Service FOIA Program is decentralized and processes requests for all national parks, NPS regions, and offices. To submit a FOIA request, visit Make a Request.

For Accident Reports

As of May 8, 2023, should no longer be used to submit requests for accident reports in which you were involved. To submit a request for a report of an accident in which you were involved, visit How to Receive an Accident. Report. Please complete and submit the following ID and Consent form along with your request.

NPS FOIA Library

FOIA Libraries contain records that are required to be made available to the public under 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2), as well as other records that NPS discretionarily makes available to the public for inspection and copying. To view the NPS FOIA Library.

NPS FOIA Contacts

To find the FOIA Point of Contact for your region or park visit, National Park Service Freedom of Information Act Contacts

Last updated: July 6, 2023