Havoc & destruction? Or renewal & life? Or both?

At its simplest explanation, fire is a chemical reaction — oxygen reacts with fuel that is heated to sufficient temperature, causing ignition and flames. The national parks have the potential to deal with both structural fire and wildland fire within park boundaries. Structural fire and wildland fire are unique programs, requiring different expertise. On this site, learn more about fire in your national parks.

A line of people in personal protective equipment (PPE) holding handtools walk toward the camera.
Come work with us in Wildland Fire

Thought about a job or career in wildland fire management? We have a place for you!

A woman on a ladder reaches up to a safety light above lockers.
Come work with us in Structural Fire

Every summer, the NPS Structural Fire Program recruits interns to assist parks and regional offices complete program requirements.

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Learn about fire in the national parks

Seeking information about fire in a national park? Find park fire websites.

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Meet the Scientist

Learn more about the scientists who study fire - fire ecologists, fire effects monitors, and even a fire archeologist.

Last updated: May 3, 2024