Virgin Islands


  • National Monument

    Buck Island Reef

    St. Croix, VI

    Welcome to Buck Island! Before you come, please watch our 2014 Telly Award winning film "Caribbean Gem." Watching this will catch you up on 50+ years of National Park Service protection and civic engagement. Learn what we do every day to preserve this resource for Virgin Islanders and visitors alike. For the General Management Plan and Environmental Compliance, visit the News page.

  • National Historic Site


    St. Croix, VI

    No place in the Caribbean still demonstrates the architectural, economic, and political influence of Europe like Christiansted National Historic Site. Come wander through 18th century buildings in one the Caribbean's few urban parks. It is a unique experience that you will never forget.

  • National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve

    Salt River Bay

    St. Croix, VI

    Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve uniquely documents the human and natural Caribbean world from the earliest indigenous settlements in the central Caribbean to their clash with seven different colonial European powers to the present day.

  • National Park

    Virgin Islands

    St.John, VI

    Virgin Islands National Park is more than just beautiful beaches. Hike to historic plantation sites to learn about a time when sugar dominated the island. Visit the ancient petroglyphs carved by the Taino Indians. Come snorkel the coral reefs to discover hidden marine life. Two-thirds of the island of St. John is national park, making it a unique destination for visitors from around the world

  • National Monument

    Virgin Islands Coral Reef

    St. John, VI

    Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument includes federal submerged lands within the 3-mile belt off the island of St. John. These waters support a diverse and complex system of coral reefs and other ecosystems such as shoreline mangrove forests and seagrass beds.

By The Numbers

These numbers are just a sample of the National Park Service's work. Figures are for the fiscal year that ended 9/30/2020.