Shaping Their Own "American Dream"

From Ellis Island to westward migration, people have come to this country in pursuit of better opportunities for centuries, shaping the American landscape. We prosper on the contributions of the people who have, and continue to, come here to make our country their home, bringing with them their customs, cultures, and traditions.  

From many diverse backgrounds, almost all have been united in a pursuit to build something better from themselves or their families, or their own vision of the “American Dream”. But the truth of the American Dream is that this reality is not necessarily fair for all, nor is it without sacrifices, challenges and prejudices. The National Park Service is committed to preserving these stories and honoring those who continue to make this journey to this day. 

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Discover national parks and historic places associated with the extensive and complex history of immigration in the United States.

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Learn About Immigration

Learn about the people, stories and moments in history that have helped shape this nation and the National Park Service.

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What We Do

Discover what the National Park Service is doing to preserve this history with our partners and how you can get involved.

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Find immigration–related ranger talks, cultural festivals, special celebrations, naturalization ceremonies, and more.

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Read the latest immigration–related news from across the National Park Service, including naturalization ceremonies.

Last updated: June 6, 2022