Dive Your Park

Perhaps the best-kept secret of our National Parks is the underwater realm that they include: millions of acres of submerged lands, only a fraction of which have been explored by divers.


From the geysers on the bottom of Yellowstone Lake and the coral reefs of the Dry Tortugas, to steamers sunk in the frigid waters of Isle Royale in Lake Superior, to the kelp forests of the Channel Islands, the National Parks have much to offer recreational divers.

National Parks are the officially designated pleasuring grounds of the American people, selected for their scenic and natural splendor or because of their special importance to our heritage and character as a nation. Few parks were set aside with an eye to their potential appeal to divers or snorklers, but serendipitously the system includes some of the best places to dive in the nation.

Plan your next diving adventure here or browse through our galleries of images and video from the comfort of your home. Interested in becoming a diver for the National Park Service? Please visit the Submerged Resources Center to learn more about being a public service diver.