Journey to Freedom

Beginning in the 17th century and continuing through the mid-19th century in the United States, enslaved African Americans resisted bondage to gain their freedom through acts of self-emancipation. The individuals who sought this freedom from enslavement, known as freedom seekers, and those who assisted along the way, united together to become what is known as the Underground Railroad. The National Park Service and members of the Network to Freedom tell these stories of escape to demonstrate the significance of the Underground Railroad in the eradication of slavery as a cornerstone of the national civil rights movement. 

A woman sits in a wooden church pew as light cascades on her face.

Virtual Exhibit: North is Freedom

For a limited time, check out a new virtual exhibit highlighting descendants of freedom seekers. Photograph is protected by copyright law.

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Underground Railroad Experiences

Want to check out some Underground Railroad experiences? Check out the stories Network to Freedom sites are sharing online.

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Virtual Passport® Stamps

Parked at home? Check out the Virtual Passport® Stamp Program and learn about Network to Freedom sites from across the country.

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Special Events

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Last updated: November 8, 2021