Picturing the Parks

Photography is an important part of national park history. Photographers took pictures to show why special places needed protection. People were able to see how beautiful and unique park landscapes were even if they could not visit them in person. Today, professional and amateur photographers alike travel from around the world to capture scenic and historic vistas. Some national parks even offer photography classes. Discover opportunities for capturing the national parks through photos and learn how photographs helped preserve them.

Man looking through camera with very large lens
Photos & More

Looking for photos of the national parks and the work we do to protect our nation's special places? Start here!

starry sky shines over orange sunset with green trees and river below
Find Your Park After Dark

Keep safe and enjoy spectacular views and fun activities once the sun goes down in our national parks.

A man, woman and child look into a phone mounted to a spotting scope in a sagebrush covered valley
Keep Safety in the Picture

When capturing precious moments, be a smart photographer and follow these picture-perfect tips.

Last updated: October 15, 2019