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Three barred owls sitting on a tree branch


Acadia is home to a plethora of wildlife species—ranging from microorganisms living in tidepools to larger animals on land and in water.

Tree roots and moss along a forest floor


The diversity of Acadia National Park is reflected in its plant life; more than 1,100 plant species are found here.

A coastline at sunset with pink coloring on the granite

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Geology, intertidal zones, forests, lakes and ponds, wetlands, mountains, night skies, and more.

Two yellow and white mushroom caps growing on a forest floor

Mushrooms & Other Fungi

Driving all the biodiversity we see above ground, from the trees to wildflowers, is an underground web of fungal life.

Lake surrounded by forest and small mountains

Climate Change

As national parks and green spaces everywhere experience large scale climate change, what do we stand to lose?

Two people dressed in yellow with red helmets use a chainsaw to cut dead trees

Wildland Fire

The fire management program at Acadia National Park performs a full range of wildland fire management operations and services.

Last updated: October 16, 2020

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