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Two juvenile barred owls play together on a branch
Barred owls (Strix varia) are the most common owl in Acadia - look up into the canopy at dawn or dusk for your best chance to glimpse them.

Photo by Ashley L. Conti, Friends of Acadia, NPS

Acadia is famous for its sunrises, sweeping coastal vistas, pink granite mountains, and diverse forests. However it’s also home to a plethora of wildlife species—ranging from the smallest microorganisms living in tidepools to larger animals on land and in water.

The park is home to around 40 species of mammals, more than 330 species of birds, 30 species of fish, 7 reptiles, and 11 amphibians. There are also an unknown number of invertebrate species in the air, on and under the ground, and in the intertidal zone. Check our species list for detailed information from NPSpecies about each taxa of wildlife.

Wildlife: Where and When to See

Animals of all kinds can be seen throughout the park, but different habitats support different species. To see songbirds, try diverse forested areas like Sieur de Monts Spring or the Wonderland Trail. See shorebirds along Ocean Drive, at Seawall, or at Schoodic Point. Check the skies along the shores of Acadia’s ponds or ocean to look for bald eagles, and look up from The Precipice parking lot to spot peregrine falcons defending the cliff. Look for otters and mink at the Tarn, or check out Great Meadow in the morning or evening to see white-tailed deer. Other, more elusive species like bobcats and fishers live in the park, but are rarely seen.

A red fox carries a snowshoe hare in its mouth


Foxes, deer, and beavers, oh my!

A bald eagle flying


Acadia's most famous creatures, with more than 300 species reported!

A green frog perches on a lily pad

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish

Frogs, snakes, turtles, salamanders, and fish species at Acadia

a dragonfly perches on a rock


Learn about invertebrates in the air, on land, and beneath the water.

Mussels and barnacles in a tide pool

Marine Wildlife

Explore what creatures live in tidepools, along the coast, and in the open ocean around Acadia.

A photographer sits on a rock

Viewing Wildlife

When it comes to wildlife, the best relationship is a long-distance relationship.


Wildlife Stories

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