Scenic Views and Viewsheds

Two people sit on a rock ledge facing a view of water and mountains
From hiking trails to historic carriage roads to scenic drives, there are many ways to find a good view in Acadia.

Ashley L. Conti/Friends of Acadia

Scenic Vistas

Both the motor road system and the (non-motorized) carriage road system at the park were carefully laid out by prominent landscape architects to take advantage of spectacular views. Although they are dependent on the naturally mountainous landscape of Acadia, many of these views are actually designed landscapes have themselves become significant, owing to their history and the sensitivity with which they were designed and built.

A Disappearing View

Though pristine views are visible on most days, Acadia is located in mid-coast of Maine, which downwind from large urban and industrial areas in states to the south and west. Periodically, high concentrations of air pollutants blow into the park from these areas. Acadia is considered a Class I area under the Clean Air Act, which means that the park deserves the highest level of air-quality protection.

Protecting the View

In recent years, park staff have been actively restoring historic vistas on the carriage road system through a vista management project. Acadia is also deeply involved in the assessing air pollution impacts and protect air quality. Since 1979, Acadia scientists have been studying air pollution.

You can help Acadia's scenic views as well. In addition to reducing your air pollution at home, you can take public transportation to get here and while you're here through the fare-free Island Explorer bus.


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    Last updated: April 19, 2022

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