Natural Features & Ecosystems

Acadia National Park is in a transition zone between temperate deciduous and northern coniferous forests along the Gulf of Maine and Atlantic flyway, overlying glacially sculpted granite mountains with interspersed glacially scoured lake beds and bounded by rocky headlands. The land forms of the park illustrate the dynamics of many geologic processes, the power of the glaciers that carved its U-shaped valleys and cliffs, and the ongoing assault by the weather and the sea. An abundance of plant and animal life has risen out of these forces of fire and ice.

Taken all together, the land and sea and the plant and animal life form unique natural environments called ecosystems. Along with natural features like glacial erratics, these ecosystems are Acadia.
Waves crash against rocky coastline at sunset
Coasts and Rocky Shorelines

Acadia protects nearly 64 miles of coastline on Mount Desert Island, Schoodic Peninsula, Isle au Haut, and other islands.

Forested area with green trees and moss

Acadia is blanketed with forests and woodlands that are situated in the transition zone of two ecoregions.

Two mountains and a body of water surrounded by a forest

Acadia is home to more than 20 mountains that rise from the sea and comprise much of Mount Desert Island.

A lake surrounded by trees with an overcast sky
Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and ponds add shimmering contrast to Acadia's forested and rocky landscape.

Green foliage near a stream with a meadow and mountain in the background
Wetlands, Marshes and Swamps

All classes of wetlands (swamps, marshes, and bogs) are found within the park.

stone arched bridge over stream
Streams and Watersheds

Learn about the running waters that provide life to wildlife, plants, and humans in Acadia National Park.

Milky way over a lake with silhouetted trees and mountains
Acadia's Night Skies

Acadia National Park possesses remarkably dark skies for its proximity to Portland, Boston, and New York.

blue sky beyond rocky mountain top and trees
Scenic Views and Viewsheds

Learn about the natural and historically designed scenic views in Acadia as the lengths scientists are going to to protect them.

a round boulder perches on a hillside
Geologic Features & Formations

Learn about the remarkable visible geologic features of Acadia such as glacial erratics, striations, polish, chatter marks and more.

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