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dead tree in pine forest

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Rankin Ridge Trail
This trail goes up to highest point in the park. Great views abound on this family-friendly walk as illustrated by these photo sphere stations. For educators, these stations act as a good introduction to the surface area of the park. They can be used as a stand alone or a pre-visit lesson.
Station #1 The Forest
Station #2 The Snag
Station #3 The Cliff
Station #4 The Lookout
Station #5 The View
Station #6 The Prairie
limestone cliff near seasonal stream

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Centennial Trail
This section of trail marks the beginning of the 111-mile journey. The first few miles follows Beaver Creek. These photo spheres go all the way to the Beaver Creek sink which is where a significant amount of Beaver Creek's flow disappears into the ground. The educational theme to these photo spheres is hydrology and water.
Station #1 The Flower Patch
Station #2 The Ledge
Station #3 The Enclosure
Station #4 The Confluence
Station #5 The Valley
Station #6 The Shady Path
Station #7 The Sink
limestone cliffs around gravel road

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Wind Cave Canyon Trail
This old road follow Wind Cave Canyon out to the park boundary. Filled with a variety of habitats, this trail is a great place to go bird watching. The photo sphere collection follows about half of the trail. For educators, these photo spheres are a great tool to talk about fire as a fire burnt to the south side of the road but not the north.
Station #1 The Descent
Station #2 The Slope
Station #3 The Crossing
Station #4 The Lichen
Station #5 The Crispy Trees
Limestone Cave near watering hole

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Cold Brook Canyon Trail
The beautiful trail winds its way across gorgeous habitats and striking vistas. You will cross a small prairie dog town that provides a great opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife. These photo spheres provide educators with stations to talk about the varied habitat and wildlife to be found in this area.
Station #1 The Old Road
Station #2 The Streambed
Station #3 The Dog Town
Station #4 The Burrow
Station #6 The Bluff
red shale cliffs

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East Bison Flats Trail
Starting from the park's south entrance, this trail follows the park boundary to amazing views of Buffalo Gap. Along the way, you will gaze upon the bright, red Minnelusa Formation. You can continue on this trail all the way to Wind Cave Canyon or feel free to go off on your own to explore the numerous valleys and canyons along the way. Just remember to bring enough water and supplies!
Station #1 The Hilltop
Station #2 The Red Valley
Station #3 The Switchbacks

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