Village (Blue) Route Shuttle Bus

An outdoor shuttle bus terminal. In the foreground, about a dozen people are sitting under an open air shade pavilion. On their right, a line of people about to board a green and white bus.
Park Visitors about to board the Village (Blue) Route bus at the Visitor Center Shuttle Bus Terminal. This is the view seen walking east from the Visitor Center Plaza. The eastbound and westbound Kaibab (Orange) Route shuttle also stop here.

NPS/M. Quinn 8/1/2021


COVID-19 Safety Modifications to Shuttle Operations:

Due to current LOW CDC Community Level in Coconino County —Face masks are not required this week in either indoor or outdoor locations, or on public transportation. However physical distancing is encouraged. Updated every Thursday.

  • As community levels may change from week to week, it is a good idea to bring face masks with you for your family or group.
  • Visitors and employees are always welcome to wear a mask if it makes them more comfortable.
  • Sidewalk decals, tape, and signage has been installed at bus stops to promote physical distancing.
  • Buses undergo daily cleaning according to CDC and public health guidance.

Village (Blue) Route

Now In Service

This loop route provides transportation between the Visitor Center Plaza, lodges, restaurants, campgrounds, the Backcountry Information Center and Market Plaza (market, bank and post office).

a white and green bus is unloading passengers by a rustic open bus stop with a shake roof. in the background, a four story hotel.
The Village (Blue) Route shuttle at the train depot stop. El Tovar Hotel is in the background.

50 Minutes Round-trip

(without getting off the bus)

Winter Bus Schedule:

(December 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023)

  • First Bus 6 am
  • Every 30 minutes: 6 to 8 am
  • Every 10-15 minutes: 8 am to 5:30 pm
  • Every 30 minutes: 5:30 to 9 pm
    Last bus: 8:30 pm
  • Visitors dining in Grand Canyon Village need to be at a bus stop no later than 8:30 pm

Village (Blue) Route - Need to Know

  • Canyon views are a short walk from some of the bus stops.

  • The Canyon Rim Trail and greenway trails can be accessed via this route – but be aware of ice and snow during winter months (and sometimes during spring) along these trails.

Please refer to the loop diagram below, along with the "South Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide (1.1 MB PDF file) for more information about this route.

Blue Route Shuttle loop map showing all stops
Map showing the Village Loop (blue) shuttle bus stops

Points of Interest

(also shown on the map below)

  • Grand Canyon Visitor Center

  • Market Plaza

  • Shrine of the Ages/Park Headquarters

  • El Tovar/Hopi House/Train Depot

  • Village Amphitheater

  • Verkamp’s Visitor Center

  • Bright Angel and Maswik lodges

  • Lookout Studio

  • Kolb Studio

  • Bright Angel Trail

  • Backcountry Information Center

  • Mather Campground/Trailer Village


Canyon Views are a Short Walk from these Bus Stops:

(Locations are shown on the map below)
  • Train Depot - follow the paved footpath up the hill behind the bus stop.
  • Bright Angel Lodge - the canyon is just behind the bus stop, beyond the buildings.
  • Hermit Road Transfer Station - as you exit the bus, walk to your left to the overlook.

Winter 2022/2023 — Shuttle Bus Route Map

Map showing South Rim Grand Canyon Village and Vicinity showing three shuttle bus routes that are in service during fall 2022.
The two shuttle bus routes in service this winter are shown with colored lines. The Kaibab Rim (Orange) Route, far right, transports visitors to the S. Kaibab Trailhead and outstanding views at Yaki Point. The Village (Blue) Route, center, connects the Visitor Center with lodges, campgrounds, the Backcountry Information Center, and Market Plaza (market, outdoor ATM, and US Post Office). Hermit Road, far left, is open to private vehicles only during the months of December, January and February.

Possible Itineraries on the Village Blue Route


Beautiful Views and Early Park History

Leave the car in parking lot A near Park Headquarters walk the spur trail to the canyon rim, then turn west and walk along the Canyon Rim Trail, taking in spectacular canyon views. In approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km), you will come to historic Grand Canyon Village, where you can visit Verkamp's Visitor Center, Hopi House, the historic hotels, the railroad depot, Lookout Studio, and Kolb Studio,

When you are done exploring the village area, ride the Village (Blue) Route shuttle back to parking lot A.


Discover the Canyon's Geologic Story

Leave the car in one of the parking areas at Grand Canyon Visitor Center, follow the canyon rim signs to Mather Point, and walk west along the Rim Trail taking in spectacular canyon views. In approximately 0.7 miles (1.1 km), you will come to Yavapai Point Geology Museum, where you can learn about the canyon's geologic history.

From the museum, you can take the Kaibab Rim (Orange) Route back to the visitor center or continue walking another 1.0 mile (1.6 km) along the Rim Trail to the Shrine of Ages, where you can ride the Village Route back to the visitor center or keep walking along the Rim Trail to Grand Canyon Village (see itinerary above).

When walking or cycling at the Grand Canyon, make sure to take your time and carry food and water with you. The South Rim of Grand Canyon averages 7,000 feet / 2,134 meters above sea level. Visitors with respiratory or heart problems may experience difficulties. Exercising at this elevation can be strenuous.

Additional Shuttle Bus Routes

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