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COVID-19 Safety Modifications to Shuttle Operations:

  • Shuttle capacity is limited to 15 passengers.

  • Face masks/coverings are required. Prior to entry passengers must have their own face mask/covering.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use.

  • Passengers must follow all CDC and public health physical distancing guidelines while in line and on the bus.

  • Sidewalk decals, tape, and signage has been installed at bus stops to promote physical distancing.

  • Buses will undergo daily cleaning according to CDC and public health guidance.

  • Shuttle bus staff will follow specific screening protocols when reporting to work each day.


Hermit Road (Red Route)

In service, March 1 - November 30, 2021

  • This route provides transportation between Grand Canyon Village and Hermits Rest along a 7 mile road with bus stops at 9 scenic overlooks.
  • Between March 1, and November 30, Hermit Road can only be accessed by the free Hermit Road shuttle bus, by foot, bicycle, or, during summer, by commercial bus tour.
  • Hermit Road is only open to private vehicles during the months of December, January and February.
Shuttle bus passengers boarding at Hermits Rest. Grand Canyon beyond.
Last stop on the Hermit Road (red) Route, historic Hermits Rest

80 Minutes Round Trip
(without getting off the bus)

The Hermit Road (Red Route) will operate from 4:30 am until one hour after sunset each day. Sunset Times > To ride the last bus: be at a bus stop 30 minutes after sunset.

  • Outbound buses stop at nine overlooks
  • Return trip buses stop only at these 4 stops:
    Hermits Rest, Pima, Mohave, and Powell Points (see loop map below)
  • Visitors should expect boarding delays during busier times of the day because shuttle capacity is limited to 15 passengers.
Hermit Road Route (red) shuttle bus loop map

Hermit Road Route - Need to Know

  • The last outbound bus leaves the Village Transfer Station 1 hour before sunset.

  • The last return bus leaves Hermits Rest 45 Minutes after sunset. View sunset times.

  • The last return bus stops at all Hermit Road bus stops on the way back to the village.


Hermit Road Route shuttle buses are great when you use them in conjunction with the Canyon Rim Trail. You can get off at one stop, enjoy a scenic walk along the rim, and then get back on the bus at the next stop. Those wanting a longer walk can carry a daypack with food and water, ride the shuttle bus out to Hermits Rest, then dayhike the Canyon Rim Trail the 8 miles (11 km) back to Grand Canyon Village.


If you are more interested in cycling than walking, ride your bicycle out along Hermit Road and the Greenway Trail to Hermits Rest. You may use your own or rent one from Bright Angel Bicycles, near Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Buses have front racks that can accommodate two or three bicycles, with wheels 16 inches (41 cm) or larger. Cyclists must load and unload their bicycles.

  • Services: Hopi Point > has toilets

  • Services: Hermits Rest > has water, snack bar, toilets, and gift shop

Note: the Hermit Road (Red Route) shuttle bus is not in service during December, January and February.
During those 3 months, Hermit Road is open to private vehicles.


For a visual overview, refer to the Hermit Road portion of the South Rim Pocket Map, below. The entire pocket map may be downloaded by clicking on the map.


Hermit Road Overview Map

Map showing the edge of Grand Canyon with Hermit Road, indicated by a red line, and 9 of the scenic overlooks along the 7.5 mile road.
Click on the map above to download the entire South Rim Pocket Map and Services Guide (1.1 MB PDF file) Hermit Road can only be accessed by the free Hermit Road (Red Route) shuttle bus, foot, bicycle, or commercial bus tour: March 1, through November 30, of each year.  The road is open to private vehicles only during the months of December, January and February.

Hermit Road and Grand Canyon Village Map (Not to Scale)

map shows Hermit Rest Bus Route in Red, along with the 10 bus stops along the route.
Note: THIS MAP IS NOT TO SCALE. Between March 1st and November 30, Hermit Road buses provide transportation between the Village Route Transfer Station and Hermits Rest (7 miles/ 11 km) with stops at 9 canyon overlooks. On the Return Trip, buses stop only at Hermits Rest, Pima, Mojave, and Powell Points. The Hermit Road (Red Route) is a 80 minute round-trip ride (without getting off the bus).

Points of Interest

Along Hermit Road:

  • Canyon Rim Trail
  • Greenway Trail
  • Trailview Overlook
  • Powell Memorial
  • Mohave Point
  • The Abyss
  • Pima Point
  • Hermits Rest
  • Hermit Trail

Points of interest are also listed in the South Rim Pocket Map. When you enter the park, you will receive a paper copy of this map.

Hermit Road shuttle at Monument Creek Overlook stop. Canyon on left, bus on right.
Hermit Road shuttle at Monument Creek Overlook stop, the Hermit Road Greenway begins here (east entrance to the Greenway)

Possible Itineraries Along Hermit Road Route

Panoramic Views and River History

Park in Lot D by the Backcountry Information Center and walk to the Village Route Transfer Station, get on a Hermits Road Route bus, ride to Mohave Point and walk east along the unpaved Rim Trail taking in spectacular canyon views to Powell Point (1.1 mi/1.8 km).

You can continue walking east past Powell along the paved Rim Trail back to the Village (another 1.9 mi/3.1 km) or get on a shuttle bus at Powell - westbound buses (toward Hermits Rest) or eastbound buses (toward Grand Canyon Village).


Panoramic River Views Along with a Quiet Forest Walk

Starting at the Village Route Transfer Station, get on a Hermits Road Route bus, ride to Monument Creek Vista and walk west along the paved Greenway Trail taking in spectacular canyon views to Pima Point (1.7 mi/2.7 km) or Hermits Rest (2.8 mi/4.5 km).

The Greenway Trail is fully accessible from Monument Creek Vista to Pima Point. Westbound buses (toward Hermits Rest) will pick you up at each bus stop; eastbound buses (toward Grand Canyon Village) only stop at Pima Point.


During the busy seasons, the line can be long at the Village Route Transfer – you may have to wait for two to three buses.

If you don't care to wait in line and are up for a short, but strenuous hike, walk 0.7 mi/1.1 km to Trailview Overlook, where you can board one of the shuttle buses or keep hiking out toward Hermits Rest.

West of Trailview Overlook, the Rim Trail levels out and offers easy to moderate hiking for an additional 7.1 miles (11.4 km).

Smiling woman riding a red bicycle along Hermit Road. Grand Canyon beyond.
Touring Hermit Road

Beautiful Views and a Glorious Ride

If you are more interested in cycling than walking, ride your bicycle (use your own or rent one from Bright Angel Bicycles near the Grand Canyon Visitor Center) out along Hermit Road and the Greenway Trail to Hermits Rest (one-way is 8.0 mi/12.9 km).

You will get some great views of the canyon while feeling the wind on your face.

There are some steep sections along this route, so be prepared for an arduous ride. If you tire and do not want to continue further, get on one of the shuttle buses at a designated bus stop along Hermit Road - you can load your bike on a shuttle bus and take it back to the Village. When riding on Hermit Road, you must find a safe place to pull to the right shoulder and dismount when a shuttle bus passes.

When walking or cycling at the Grand Canyon, make sure to take your time and carry food and water with you. The South Rim of Grand Canyon averages 7,000 feet / 2,134 meters above sea level. Visitors with respiratory or heart problems may experience difficulties. Exercising at this elevation can be strenuous.

Inclement Weather Operations on Hermit Road

  • During summer thunderstorms, or other inclement weather, shuttle bus service will be suspended on Hermit Road.
  • Visitors will not be transported via shuttle bus from the Village Route Transfer Station, westward to viewpoints along Hermit Road.
  • However, shuttle bus drivers along this route will do all they can to either shuttle visitors along Hermit Road east to the Transfer or become standing shelters out along the route.
  • When service is suspended due to inclement weather, shuttle buses with additional capacity will stop anywhere along the Hermit Road it is safe to do so, and pick up visitors.
  • More detailed information about Lightning Danger.

Last updated: March 1, 2021

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