Recent Research Highlights

Glacier Bay Research Highlights
Glacier Bay Research Highlights

Science in Action!

Enjoy browsing through some of the many ongoing and recently-completed research projects conducted in Glacier Bay.

Humpback Whale Acoustics and Impacts from Vessel Noise
Do humpbacks communicate differently when vessels are around?

Vessel Noice Effects on Harbor Seal Behavior
Do seals alter their vocalizations in the presence of vessel noise?

Distribution and Overwintering of Bats in SE Alaska
What bats occur in Glacier Bay? Are they here year-round?

Paleontological Inventory of Glacier Bay
How significant are the fossils of Glacier Bay?

Sea Otters and Marine Communities of Glacier Bay
How has the growing sea otter population affected the marine environment?

Plate Tectonics in Action
Can we detect shifting crustal plates along the park's outer coast?

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Accumulation of Mercury in Freshwater Fishes
Even remote national parks are not immune

Temporal Variations in Uplift in the Glacier Bay

How fast is the land rising?

Ocean Acidification in Glacier Bay
Is is really happening here? How do we know?

Stream Age and the Biogeochemistry of Post-Glacial

How do food sources change as streams develop?

Measuring Stream Flow on the Alsek River
How much water flows in the Alsek compared to other rivers?

Trophic Dynamics in the Gustavus/Glacier Bay

How do the diets of wolves and bears compare?

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Holocene and Historic Glacier Activity & Climate Change in
Glacier Bay

What can ancient wood tell us about the history of Glacier Bay's glaciers?

The Voices of Glacier Bay
What are some of the most interesting natural sounds of Glacier Bay?

Development of Streams Following Glacial Recession
What are the major factors affecting colonization of new streams in Glacier Bay?

Developing Monitoring Protocols for Ground-nesting Birds
What should be measured if you care about the health of shoreline nesters?

Conducting a Soil Resource Inventory for Glacier Bay
What kinds of soils occur here?

Campsite Impact Analysis and Monitoring at Glacier Bay
What is the current condition of backcountry campsites?

Harbor Seal Highlights
Where to Glacier Bay harbor seals go in the winter?

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Evaluation and Monitoring of Shore Pine Damage
Why are shore pines dying in Gustavus and Glacier Bay?

Underwater Acoustic Monitoring in Glacier Bay
How does underwater sound affect humpbacks and other creatures?

Stream Temperature Regimes in Glacier Bay
What causes variation in stream temperatures?

Yellow Cedar on Glacier Bay's Outer Coast
How healthy are Glacier Bay's yellow cedars?

Kinship and Local Structure of Humpbacks in Glacier Bay
How closely related are Glacier Bay's whales?

Estimating Age-specific Survival and Reproductive Rates of Steller Sea

Is the park population healthy?

Measuring Noise Budgets, Temporal Patterns, and Differences in Humpback

Do humpbacks vocalize differently in "loud" environments?

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Using Satellite Transmitting Tags to Understand Pacific Halibut
Do halibut leave Glacier Bay in winter? Do they ever come back?

Developing a Monitoring Protocol for Kittlitz's Murrelets
How can we keep track of murrelet abundance? How many are there?

Population Characteristics of Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay and
Adjacent Waters

How many whales are there in this area?

Monitoring Water Quality of the Salmon River
What is the Salmon River's water quality? How is it measured?

Monitoring Marine Water Quality in Glacier Bay
How clean are the park's marine waters?

Counting Bartlett River Salmon Using Sonar
How many salmon return to the Bartlett River?

Earthquake Monitoring along the Fairweather Fault
Are earthquakes common here?

Effects of Food Limitation on a High Density Moose Population
How many moose occupy the Gustavus area? Is the population growing?


Glacier Bay Research Highlights

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