Chart of Glacier Bay
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NOAA Chart of Glacier Bay
(Requires Adobe Flash) This NOAA website contains a very user-friendly feature enabling charts to be displayed on the screen. You can zoom in and pan around any portion of the charted area.

Guide to park waters map
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Guide to Park Waters
For boaters, kayakers, and campers
Map of park areas subject to boating closure, speed limits, or other regulations designed to protect wildlife and provide for a range of visitor experiences
Sattelite photo of Glacier Bay National Park
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Satellite Image
Combination of two Landsat images (August 1999 and August 2000) showing entire park (510 KB JPG file).
Map showing camper dropoffs
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Camper Drop-off Locations
Map shows current drop-off locations where the daily tour boat stops to pick-up and drop-off backcountry campers and kayakers.

Layout of Glacier Bay Lodge
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Glacier Bay Lodge
Close-up of the lodge, showing main lodge, room layout and connecting boardwalks.
Trails in Bartlett Cove
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Bartlett Cove Trails
Map showing Forest Trail, Bartlett River Trail, and Bartlett Lake Trail.

Map of Bartlett Cove Campground
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Bartlett Cove Campground
Diagram of Bartlett Cove campground showing individual and group campsites, fire ring, warming hut, food caches, etc. (12 KB PDF file).
Diagram of Bartlett Cove Dock
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Bartlett Cove Dock
Schematic diagram of the Bartlett Cove Dock showing no-anchor zones and slips available to the public (11 KB PDF file).
Map of Gustavus boundary
Gustavus/Park Boundary Map
Gustavus Boundary
A detailed map showing the Gustavus boundary with the park.
Includes GPS coordinates.
GLBA Commercial Fishing Map thumbnail
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Commercial Fishing
Shows areas in which commercial fishing may occur in Glacier Bay National Park. Details...

Cruise Ship Route

Cruise Ship Routes
Map highlighting typical cruise ship routes in Glacier Bay

Tour boat route

Tour Boat Routes
Typical tour boat route in Glacier Bay


The Fairweather
Glacier Bay Trip Planner and Visitor's Guide


More Glacier Bay Brochures and Maps
Checklists, maps, site bulletins, park information, etc

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