Visiting in Summer

Plan a Summer Visit: July - September

The most popular season in the park offers the widest selection of activities and services.

Summer Guide and Itineraries

View sample itineraries from several days to two or more days. Otherwise, a summer guide is available when you arrive at park entrance stations.


Warm daytime temperatures and cool evening temperatures. Sunny days dominate with occasional thunderstorms. Expect a 5° temperature decrease for every 1,000 foot increase in elevation. View the weather forecast for each area prior to your visit. Manzanita Lake Area (5,800 ft / 1,767 m) average summer high / low: 82° / 39°F ( 28° / 4°C).

Areas to Visit

Generally, all park areas and trails are accessible in the summer season. Winter snowpack needs to be cleared from park roads for vehicle access. Road openings occur anytime from May through July. Check the status of park roads prior to your visit, especially if planning a visit early to mid-summer.


Snow often lingers on park trails well into the summer months; view current trail conditions to help you prepare. Bumpass Hell Trail remains closed due to snow coverage into July. It opens once the trail is melted out and safe for hiking. Snow patches can persist on the Lassen Peak Trail into August, however the trail is always open to over-the-snow travel. A free permit is required for backpacking.

Things to Do

Summer offers the greatest selection of activities in the park. Summer activities include: summer ranger-led programs, most special events, field seminars, auto touring, backpacking, and the Highway ParkCaching (GPS) Challenge.

Facilities & Services

All facilities and services are open daily in the summer season (July through September); view operating hours. The park's eight campgrounds are available primarily by reservation only. Additional campground are available outside the park in the surrounding Lassen National Forest.


Wildflowers peak in high elevation areas between July and September. Many of the same species that bloom in May and June at lower elevations including Manzanita and Butte Lake will appear later in the Summit Lake and Lassen Peak areas.

Fire & Smoke

Hazy or smoky conditions may occur during summer and fall. This is largely due to fires in the region or in the park. Lightning-caused fire occurs naturally in the forests of the region. In some areas, the park may have prescribed fires. Prescription fire promotes forest health and reduces the chance of larger fires.

Last updated: July 25, 2023

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