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Wildfire Information

Wildfires within Lassen Volcanic National Park will be reported on this page if they exceed low-impact status, which may include rapid growth, increased impacts, or size exceeding 1/4-acre.

A yellow rectangle with red and green icons encouraging visitors to stay out (of burned areas) to stay safe.

Dixie Fire

Active Fire in Eastern Side of Lassen Volcanic

Smoke may be visible as the Dixie Fire consumes unburned pockets of vegetation within control lines. Firefighters are continuing to monitor and respond to fire activity.

Stay Out & Stay Safe

Eastern sections of the park affected by the Dixie Fire including Summit Lake, Butte Lake, Warner Valley, and Juniper Lake areas are closed to all use. Additional areas of the park are closed for post-fire repair efforts.

Dixie Fire Information

General information about the Dixie Fire is available on InciWeb.
Park specific information is updated on the park Dixie Fire webpage.


Fall 2021 Prescribed Burning

Lassen Volcanic National Park will make use of forecasted precipitation this fall season to complete prescribed burning within the park.

Prescribed burning is planned for approximately 225 acres (Units G and F) southwest of Manzanita Lake Campground. This is part of the multi-year Northwest Gateway Forest Restoration (NWG) Project and involves the reintroduction of fire to units that were previously treated by mechanical thinning.

Firefighters will also burn piles in the following locations as conditions allow: Mineral headquarters, Summertown (north of Manzanita Lake), Summit Lake Ranger Station, Hat Creek Road, Lost Creek Helispot, Horseshoe Cabin, Juniper Lake Area, and along Butte Lake Road.

Smoke from prescribed burns may be visible within and outside of the park. Air quality information including Particle Matter (PM2.5) measurements at Manzanita Lake and Mineral is available at on the Air Quality page.


Fire Restrictions

Park-wide Fire Restriction

Due to severe wildfire danger, a fire restriction is in effect for the entire park. This applies to wood fires, charcoal fires and any type of fire that leaves ash. Ignition sources that can be turned off and do not produce ash are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to gas stoves, lanterns, and generators.

Practice Fire Safety

Please be especially cautious with your campfire (where permitted), vehicle, gas/liquid campstoves, and cigarettes to help reduce the risk of wildfire during this period of severe drought. Campfires are always restricted to fire rings within designated campground.

No Fires in the Surrounding Lassen National Forest

A fire restriction is in place for Lassen National Forest through November 30, 2021. No wood or charcoal fires will be allowed anywhere in the forest under these new restrictions. The conditions apply to all campgrounds, developed sites, and Special Use Permits. This Forest Order goes into effect from July 27, 2021, through November 30, 2021.

A hazy view of a mudpot on a hillside backed by a windy mountain road.
Hazy air conditions at Sulphur Works in the Southwest Area.

NPS/Catherine Orland

Smoke Impacts from Nearby Wildfires

Smoke impacts in the park from nearby fires vary from day to day. Park staff is not able to predict conditions for your trip. The following resources can help you check conditions prior to your visit:


Last updated: October 15, 2021

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