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[pahrk-kash-ing] is an outdoor game of searching for objects or information using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates within national parks. Parkcaches can be physical or virtual (earthcaches).


Highway Parkcaching Challenge

Explore geology in the park with a summer/fall parkcaching challenge.

To participate:

  1. Make sure you have a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile device* with a geocaching app. Please note WiFi is only available in the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center near the Southwest Entrance.
  2. Use the GPS coordinates in the challenge brochure to locate parkcaches along the park highway.
  3. Look for laminated answer keys attached to park structures or signs. Fill in the blanks in the brochure for each cache with the answer provided. Be sure to leave the answer key where you found it for future participants to use.

*Google Maps can function within the park without a data connection. Enter GPS coordinates in the following format: "N40 25.446 W121 32.053"

The parkcaches are removed at the end of October or when necessary due to snowfall. Please note that these temporary caches are not listed on and do not have a GC waypoint number. For registered earthcaches in the park, visit logo
Learn more about earthcaching at

Earthcaches in Lassen Volcanic
Earthcaching enthusaists have created a number of virtual caches within the park. These caches require seekers to answer questions using information available at each cache. Although these caches are not maintained by the park, rangers are happy to assist you if possible. You can view a map of virtual caches within the park on or learn more about earthcaching at


Find Your Park GeoTour
To celebrate the National Park Service centennial, the NPS and have created a curated list of parkcaches within national parks across the country. Although the tour does not currently include any parkcaches within Lassen Volcanic National Park, we encourage you check out the parkcaches in nearby Lava Beds National Monument or head further south to uncover caches at Santa Monica National Recreation Area.

Last updated: June 23, 2022

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