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Lassen Volcanic National Park provides a wealth of fun activities that are as varied as the seasons of the park. Visit the accessibility page to learn more about accomodations and access or select a link below to learn more about planning your visit to Lassen.


Top Things To Know

Visiting Post Dixie Fire: View closures and be prepared for modifications in facilities and services following the 2021 Dixie Fire.

  1. Access, services, and activities vary considerably from season to season.
    The summer season (July through September) is short, but affords to greatest access and selection of activities. The park is usually snow-covered in the winter months; road access is limited and nearly all activities involve snow.
  2. Pets are permitted only in developed areas.
    Leashed pets are welcome in parking areas, campgrounds, roadways and picnic areas. To protect park wildlife, pets are not permitted on park trails, including in carriers and on snow-covered routes. Be prepared to leave your pet in your vehicle (if conditions are appropriate).
  3. Visitors have been severely injured by traveling too close or off trail in hydrothermal areas.
    Stay on sidewalks or boardwalks for your safety.
  4. Cell service is limited and unreliable.
    Don't be surprised if you can't receive calls or texts in the park and the surrounding area. WiFi is available only at the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center.
  5. The 30-mile park highway is winding and traverses steep slopes.
    There are no guardrails on the historic highway. Observe posted speed limits and use pullouts to watch wildlife, take pictures, and let other cars pass. Be prepared to share the road with bicyclists.
  6. Gas stations are limited in this remote area.
    Fill your gas tank in Red Bluff, Redding, Shingletown, or Susanville before traveling to the park. The one gas station in the park, located behind the Manzanita Lake Camper Store, is open late May through mid-October.
  7. Parking areas fill up at the Loomis Plaza, Bumpass Hell, and Kings Creek Falls Trailheads.
    Visit these areas during non-peak hours (before 9 am and after 3 pm) for the best chance of finding parking. Have an alternative ready if you are unable to park.
  8. Many visitors feel symptoms of altitude sickness.
    The park ranges in elevation from 5,650 feet to 10,457 feet. Being active at high elevation can aggravate pre-existing medical conditions; however all visitors should be prepared to descend immediately if experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness (headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion, pain behind the eyes, nausea).
  9. Black bears and mountain lions inhabit the entire park.
    Sightings are not uncommon, however negative interactions with visitors and park wildlife are extremely rare.
  10. There is no public transportation to or in the park.
    Consider carpooling to save gas and improve park air quality.
A family on two bikes poses for a photo on a highway backed by snow

Visiting in Spring

Plan your visit in April through June.

A woman and a young man hike downhill through thick yellow wildflowers

Visiting in Summer

Plan your visit in July through September.

Lassen Peak reflected in pond lined by yellow grasses and orange leaves

Visiting in Fall

All areas of the park remain open, however short-term closures may occur due to snow. Learn more to help you plan your fall visit.

People travel over the snow in a mountain landscape

Visiting in Winter

Plan your visit in December through March.

A man in a park ranger uniform hands a person in a vehicle from inside a small stone building

Basic Information

Get the essential information from entrance fees to hours of operation.

A highway curving toward a volcanic peak covered with large patches of snow

Current Conditions

View current conditions in the park including road status, hiking trail conditions, and snow depths.

A man a woman sit and read outside of a small, wooden cabin

Eating & Sleeping

Discover places to stay and eat in the park.

Two women sit in a red kayak on a lake backed by a snow-capped mountain

Things to Do

Explore activities in the park.

A group of hikers poses for a photo on the summit of a black ridge backed by a snow-capped volcano

Places to Go

Explore places to go within the four regions of the park.

A light-brown black bear walks across an area of rock and yellow grass from which steam is rising


Prepare yourself to safely enjoy wildlife, hydrothermal areas, and other features.

A white vehicle on a highway backed by a snow-covered volcano

Directions & Getting Around

Learn how to travel to and around the park and view park maps.

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Goods & Services

View park stores and services.

Visitors with leashed dogs at table

Pets in the Park

Be sure you know pets regulations before your visit.

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View ranger-led programs and special events by date.

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