Electricity, Paved Roads, and Model Ts

Black and white photo of two men holding a banner in front of a store with vehicles; the banner and store windows include the name "Plymouth".
Ozmun Garage in Peninsula, 1930s.

NPS Collection

General technological advancements dramatically changed the living conditions of Cuyahoga Valley residents in the 1900s. When electricity and running water came to the valley, families could buy new household appliances and easily refrigerate food.

New pavement on valley roads meant easier and faster transportation of both people and goods. Road construction also served as a secondary job for many farmers who needed additional income to survive the Great Depression.

Irene (Szalay) Kusnyer remembers when Everett families began to get electricity and running water:

"It was '39 maybe '40 that electricity came in that area. And we immediately got an electric stove and an electric refrigerator. And running water… we could take showers. Life was beginning [to get] easier."
Irene (Szalay) Kusnyer, former Everett resident, 2011


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