Hungry Wildlife

A lone Coyote on the towpath trail warily looks at the photographer.
As opportunistic hunters, coyotes are usually active near dawn or dusk but can adapt their schedule to avoid disturbances.

©R. Belkin

Pair of deer look at the photographer while standing in the snow in winter.
With a lack of predators, deer are frequently seen gazing in farm fields.

©Cheryl Osgood

Like all farmers, those in the Cuyahoga Valley face challenges from wildlife. Deer, raccoons, coyotes, and other animals affect crops and livestock.

More than any other wild animal, deer threaten most crops, eating vegetables before they have a chance to fully grow. Within the last half century, the deer population has grown dramatically, creating more pressure on those who make a living off the land.


Last updated: December 5, 2021

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