Trail Conditions

Cascade Pass October 31
Looking at Cascade Pass from the trailhead parking lot in late October. Photo by NPS/Burrows

October 31st, 2023

Autumn is here bringing cold temperatures, shorter days, and precipitation. Snow is starting to accumulate in the mountains, so be prepared to navigate at higher elevations. The Wilderness Information Center is closed for the season, we will reopen in May 2024. Backcountry Permits are required year round for all overnight trips in the park and they help us locate you in an emergency.

Be sure to check the weather forecast, trail conditions, and closures beforehand. As always, leave a detailed itinerary with a friend or family member, including the date and time you plan to exit the backcountry.

Some trail and camp closures continue due to the Sourdough Fire and Blue Lake Fire. Please check the Fire Closure page for more current details, and North Cascade Hwy SR 20 | WSDOT for State Route 20 closures.

For higher elevation trip plans, check out the Climbing Conditions page.

Keep wildlife alive and well by keeping your distance and your scented items stored properly. When given the opportunity to obtain human food, habituation occurs and can result in harm to the animal (natural inhabitant), even euthanization. Be a part of the prevention, not the problem.

The trail conditions listed in the table below represent the last known status, or general conditions. E-mail us if you have trail conditions to report.


Closures and Notices

Cascade River Road is closed for the winter season at milepost 20 (Eldorado), three miles before the trailhead. Do not block the road and gate when parking. Foot traffic is allowed beyond the gate. Road Conditions

Overnight camping at trailheads in the National Park is prohibited. This includes the Eldorado, Boston Basin, and Cascade Pass trailheads.

Hard-sided food canisters are required at select backcountry camps and cross-country areas. More information on food storage requirements

Ross Lake Boat-In Sites - Visit the Boating on Ross Lake page and check Ross Lake Levels for more information.

Long-Term Fire Closures:

  • Sourdough Mountain trail will remain closed for the rest of 2023.
  • The Copper Loop will remain closed for the rest of 2023, hikers are unable to complete the loop. A portion of the Copper Ridge Trail is open between Boundary and Copper Lake camps.

The Silver Skagit Rd to Hozomeen is closed due to washouts. Significant flooding from November 2021 has damaged the road, there is no current access to Ross Lake or the Hozomeen campground via Canada. More on Road Conditions

Bridge Creek Trail/PCT- The temporary bridges at North Fork and Maple Creek will be removed November 1 2023.


Current Trail Conditions

Current trail conditions are reported by rangers and trail crew, and updated as frequently as possible. Please read the "general" condition for each trail when there is no recent update available.

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Big Beaver / Ross Dam Ross Dam Trailhead at 2100'
Big Beaver Camp 1600'
Beaver Pass 3654'
Hiker, Stock
7/4 - Big Beaver trail is in good condition with a few down logs between Luna and Stillwell. Stillwell Camp has many down logs in camp blocking the main trail, which makes it confusing to navigate. Toilet is located on far skier's right (east of the camp sites).

Little Beaver (Ross Lake to Whatcom Pass) Ross Lake 1600', Stillwell Camp 2500',
Whatcom Pass 5200'
Hiker only from Little Beaver to Stillwell
7/4 - A few down logs remain East of Perry Creek camp. Perry Creek Camp signpost is currently off the main trail (a slight reroute), plus old, making it hard to see especially for hikers coming from Big Beaver direction. Sections of Little Beaver trail are washed out and can be hard to find (some blue flagging and rock cairns are there to guide the way). Sections of the trail are extremely brushy, with tent caterpillars all over - buggy bushwhacking guaranteed. Extreme blowdowns and trail washouts from the old Stillwell crossing to Twin Rocks and beyond.

Whatcom Pass is closed due to fire damage from 2022. 

General: Perry Creek and Redoubt Creek present difficult crossings in early seasons despite foot logs (may or may not be present).

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Thunder Creek (Colonial Creek Campground to Park Creek Pass) Trailhead (Colonial Creek Campground) 1200'
Park Creek Pass 6100'
Hiker, stock
7/5 - Trail cleared to Junction camp. All streams easily crossable and bridges intact. Many blowdowns past Skagit Queen camp, account for extra travel time to get around all the down trees. The trail is not passable for stock once you reach Skagit Queen. Skagit Queen camp has many down trees but tent pads are cleared to camp at.

General: Ford of Thunder Creek north of Thunder Basin Stock can be high or impassable during spring run-off or after heavy rains. Food canisters required for camping at Thunder Basin Camp June 1 - Nov. 15. Stoves only, no fires at Thunder Basin Camp.

Fourth of July Pass Thunder Creek trail junction 1300'
Fourth of July Pass 3500'
Hiker only
6/26 - Trail is clear.

No campfires allowed--please bring a camp stove if camping at Fourth of July Camp.

Panther Creek Trailhead 1800', Panther Camp ~2000'
Fourth of July Pass 3500'
Hiker only
6/26 - Trail is clear. 

General: Panther Camp was rebuilt and relocated in 2012 and is 3.7 miles from the trailhead (~0.5 miles southwest of the old camp). New bridge built in 2013 over Panther Creek.

Easy Pass / Fisher Creek Trailhead 3700', Easy Pass 6400'
Hiker only
6/30 - Easy Pass has lingering snow but the trail is clear and dry

6/18 - The east side of Easy pass has some small snow patches. Fisher creek trail has less than 10 downed trees. There is a flagged diversion around trail maintenance. 

No camping at Easy Pass

Park Creek (Park Creek Pass to Upper Stehekin Valley Trail) Stehekin River 2300',
Park Creek Pass 6100'
Hiker, stock
6/5- The pass is mostly snow free, except for one small patch on the north side of the pass. The rest of the trail is melted out, but there are many down trees on the trail in the burned area near Five Mile Stock camp. 

No camping at Park Creek Pass


Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Desolation Trailhead 1605', Camp 5560'
Lookout 6108'
Hiker only
No recent report. Typically not snow free till beginning or mid July.

Food storage canisters required at Desolation Camp June 1 - Nov. 15.

Devils Dome Loop Trailhead 2000',
high point (Devil's Dome): 7000'
Horse, hiker
No recent report.

General: Bridge over Canyon Creek is still damaged; hikers must start at East Bank TH or ford the creek if the water level is low enough.

East Bank / Hozomeen Lake East Bank Trailhead 1800',
Hozomeen Lake (highest point) ~2900'
Hiker, stock
6/26 Trail has been clear to Devils Junction. Expect downed trees beyond, but otherwise clear trail. 

Nightmare bridge not usable. Be prepared to ford river.

General: Roland Creek can be a wet ford during periods of high stream flows.

Happy Panther 1700 - 2000'
Hiker, stock
5/17 - Trail is clear.

Jack Mountain East Bank Trail (2000')
NPS boundary (5900')
Little Jack summit at 6750'.
Hiker only
No recent report.

General: Trail is not maintained on a regular basis, some sections can be overgrown, eroded and rough in some places. No water along trail.


Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Agnes Creek / Bridge Creek / Old Wagon Trail (Pacific Crest Trail) Bridge Creek Trailhead 4600’,
NPS South Boundary 2000’
Hiker, stock
The North Fork and Maple Creek temporary bridges will be removed for the season November 1st.

South of the Park, in the Glacier Peak Wilderness (USFS):
 No current report. Due to hazard trees, it is not safe to camp at Hemlock Camp. Alternative camps include 2.4 miles south of Suiattle Pass (just before entering Sitting Bull Basin), Cedar Camp 2.8 miles north of Hemlock Camp, and 1.9 miles up the South Fork Agnes Creek Trail. The bridge over Agnes Creek at Hemlock Camp is out of service.

Aggressive bear activity has been reported in all the camps along the PCT, especially Fireweed and South Fork. Remember to store your food and all scented items properly at all times!

: Bears are common along this drainage. Be vigilant about keeping camps clean and use food storage lockers. Report all bear sightings to rangers at any North Cascades National Park contact station

Agnes Gorge Trailhead at 1700', trail ends at 2000'
Hiker only
5/23 - trail cleared

Dagger Lake / Twisp Pass Fireweed 3900', Dagger Lake 5508',
Twisp Pass 6100'
Hiker, stock
No recent report.

Backcountry permits required for overnight stays at Stiletto Lake; dogs not permitted.

North Fork 2800' to 4200'
Hiker, stock
6/2 - Trail has been cleared to snowline or 1.5 miles up the trail.

General: Crossing Grizzly Creek requires a ford of 3 channels -- all can run high and fast and can be unsafe to ford during early season snowmelt and after large rain events. Trail is often faint and hard to follow in northern-most 2 miles. Grizzly Creek Camp was rebuilt in 2012 south of Grizzly Creek ford. Due to repeated flooding of Grizzly Creek, Grizzly Creek Stock Camp is permanently closed--stock should use Walker Park.

Goode Ridge Trailhead 2200', ridge 6600'
Hiker, stock
6/2 Trail has been cleared to 1 mile from top, lower section has been brushed. 

In Summer: Water only available for the first 1.5 miles. Carry adequate water past this point to stay hydrated.

McAlester Lake / South Pass / Rainbow Creek Fireweed 3900', McAlester Pass 6000',
South Pass 6300', Bench Creek 3800’,
Rainbow Bridge 2040’
Hiker, stock
The suspension bridge at Rainbow Ford was removed for the season October 17.

7/12 -
McAlester Lake trail clear from Fireweed to High Camp. Be aware of large hazard tree on trail in McAlester Lake camp. Hidden meadows trail clear and stock ready. South pass clear to top from west side. 3 easily managed trees down across the trail above rainbow loop/ rainbow creek split before Bench Creek.

General: Seasonal bridge at Rainbow Ford is removed every fall. Ford may be high or impassable at other times of year.Southern end of this trail passes through the 2010 Rainbow Bridge Fire zone. There may be new downed trees between Rainbow Ford and Rainbow Bridge camps.

Rainbow Lake / Bowan Pass South Fork 3200’, Rainbow Lake 5630',
Bowan Pass 6200'
Hiker, stock
The suspension bridge over Rainbow Creek below Bench Creek was removed for the season October 17.

 - South side of pass clear from Bench Creek. 23 trees down on North side of Bowan pass. No snow present. 

General: Must ford Bridge Creek at South Fork Camp or use foot log.

McGregor Mountain Trailhead 1700'
Heaton Camp 7000'
Hiker, stock
No recent report.

General: Food storage canisters are recommended for camping at Heaton Camp -- hanging food can be difficult here. No fires allowed at Heaton Camp.

Stiletto Spur / Stiletto Peak 4000' to ~6100'
Hiker, stock
Closed due to the Blue Lake fire.

General: Route-finding required to reach the location of the old fire lookout on a sub-peak of Stiletto Ridge. Trail receives only light maintenance. Trail fades out in meadows at ~6100'.In Stiletto Cross-Country Zone, which includes Stiletto Lake, CAMPING PERMITS REQUIRED - STOVES ONLY, NO FIRES.

Stiletto Spur: General - Stock parties have a difficult approach to both sides of ford of State Creek. The foot log crossing over State Creek is not recommended for use. Ford can be impassable after large rain/snow events. Stock parties should use Pacific Crest Trail instead.


Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Hannegan Pass / Chilliwack River Trailhead 3000'
Hannegan Pass 5060'
Canadian border 2000'
Hiker, stock
LONG-TERM FIRE CLOSURES: The Chilliwack River trail is closed from the cable car to the Northern terminus due to fire damage from 2022- Fire Closures

7/2 - Chilliwack trail to the cable car is in good condition. River and creeks are running low. 
Trail is CLOSED just east of the cable car. 
The only camping in the Chilliwack is Copper Creek and US Cabin. 

6/27 - Hannegan trailhead to Hannegan camp is snow free with several water sources on trail.
Hannegan Camp to Boundary Camp is mostly snow free with some patchy snow.
Boundary Camp to the ridge is snow free with the exception of Hell's Gorge: there is a solid snow field to pass the gorge.
Hell's Gorge will be last reliable water source before reaching Egg Lake.
The ridge to Silesia and Egg Lake Camps 85% snow cover, navigation required.

Bear Creek camp is closed due to fire damage (2021)

General: Cable car over the Chilliwack replaced on 10/2019. Trail is passible to stock to US Cabin. Brush Creek/access to Graybeal Camp is currently inaccessible to stock. Pets and hunting are not allowed in the National Park. Trail north of Bear Creek Camp is abandoned and is a difficult bush-whack cross-country route. Little Chilliwack Camp no longer exists due to the changing course of the Chilliwack River.

Copper Ridge Copper Lookout: 6260'
Hiker only
LONG-TERM FIRE CLOSURES: The Copper Ridge trail is closed north of Copper Lake camp due to fire damage from 2022- Fire Closures 

7/9 - Trail to Copper Lake is mostly snow free; remaining snow patches are easy to cross without navigation. Camps are all snow free. Bug protection is highly recommended. Hannegan trail has water at the 2 1/2 mile mark with several good sources to Boundary Camp. Last reliable water source is at Boundary Camp until you reach Egg/Copper Lake. Make sure to fill up water at Boundary before heading to Copper Ridge.

6/27 - Egg Lake Junction to Copper Lookout-30% snow cover, with navigation required. Much post-holing before beginning the accent to the lookout, patchy snow on the accent, but easy to navigate.Copper Lookout to Copper Lake-65% snow covered, navigation required.Boots and trekking poles recommended.

General: In summer, no water between Boundary Camp and the ridge. Water on the ridge is available at Copper and Egg Lakes. No water at Silesia Camp once snows melt--must get water at Egg Lake (1 mile round-trip). Trail can be brushy at low elevations on the north end of the ridge, near the ford of the Chilliwack River and Indian Creek. No reliable water between one mile east of Copper Lake and the Chilliwack River.

Brush Creek (to Whatcom Pass) Whatcom Pass: 5055'
Hiker, Stock
LONG-TERM FIRE CLOSURES: The entire Brush Creek trail is closed due to fire damage from 2022- Fire Closures

Hard-sided food storage canisters strongly recommended at Whatcom Camp due to limited tree limbs and high animal activity.


Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Cascade Pass / Sahale Arm / Horseshoe Basin Trailhead 3660', Cascade Pass 5400',
Sahale Glacier Camp 7600'
Hiker only. No Pets, No Hunting

The suspension bridge over Basin Creek will be removed for the season November 1st.

Snowline starts between 5,500' and 6,000' elevation. Expect hard-packed snow, wind drifted snow, and areas where the trail is not visible. At 7,600' elevation, expect complete snow coverage. Navigation, traction for footware and trekking poles suggested.

General: Cascade River Road typically does not open to Cascade Pass Trailhead until July 1st- condition dependent.
NO CAMPING AT CASCADE PASS, Doubtful Lake, and anywhere along the trail. Camping only allowed at designated camps. Trail typically not snow free until mid-July.

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Flat Creek 1700' - 2000' Flat Creek camp is currently closed due to hazard trees.

Upper Stehekin Valley Trail / Stehekin Road (old road from Bridge Creek Camp to Cottonwood Camp) Bridge Creek Camp (2200') to Cottonwood Camp(2800')
Hiker, Stock
6/25/23 - The trail is brushy but clear of large trees or boulders. Expect to get wet when traveling after rain.

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Boulder Creek Trailhead 1200', Purple Pass 6900'
Hiker, Stock
No recent report

Lower sections burned in 2010 Rainbow Bridge Fire and the 2014 Lone Mountain Fire; the trail can be dry and dusty. Blowdowns are common on this trail due to past forest fires.

Purple Creek / War Creek Trailhead 1200', Purple Pass 6900',
War Creek Pass 6500'
Hiker, Stock
No recent report

Summer: Only water source is at crossing of Purple Creek 2 miles from Stehekin. Very slow-flowing spring near Juanita Lake--the lake is stagnant and not an attractive water source in late season.Campfires are not allowed at Juanita Lake Camp--bring camp stove for cooking.

Chelan Summit Juanita Lake 6800', high point 7440'
Hiker, stock
No recent report

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Baker River Trailhead at 800', trail's end at 900'
Hiker only
6/28 - Trail almost completely clear. There is a washout that requires balancing on large logs to get across (across drainage from Shuksan Lake), feasible for most hikers. Sulphide Creek Camp in good condition

General: This trail begins on Forest Service land and crosses into the National Park: dogs are not allowed in the national park and backcountry permits are required to stay at Sulphide Creek Camp.

Diablo Lake Trailhead 1200' - max. 2000'
Hiker only
10/12-- The Diablo Lake trail and Ross Jeep tunnel are open
Heather / Maple Pass (Rainy Pass) Trailhead: 5476' - High point: 6650'
Hiker only
No recent report

No Camping at Heather/Maple Pass

Hidden Lake Trailhead 3700', Hidden Lake: 5700',
Hidden Lake Lookout: 6,700'
Hiker only
Pets not allowed in the National Park

7/17 - Many erosions and social trails in the area - do not cut switchback. Large snow patch remains right before gaining the ridge by the lookout. All campers need to bring blue bags and pack out human waste - the toilet below the lookout is full.

7/7 - Common camping spots are dry. Do not block road when parking before trailhead.

4/28 - There is a downed tree at 2.5 miles from the trailhead. Other downed trees will prevent driving to the trailhead when the snow melts out. Continuous snow coverage starts around 3000’ elevation. The summer trail is covered in feet of snow and no bare ground is visible.

Backcountry Camping Permits are required past the saddle and down to Hidden Lake. Reaching Hidden Lake requires traveling over a very challenging and steep boulder field--not easy!

Food canisters required in Hidden Lake Cross Country Zone June 1 - Nov. 15. Pets and hunting are not allowed beyond the ridge or down to the lake.

Monogram Lake / Lookout Mountain Trailhead 1300', Monogram Lake 4872'
Hiker only
7/6 - Trail clear of snow completely. Several large down trees to climb over/find route around.

6/18 - Snow encountered on trail at ~4000'. Several large downed trees encountered on forest service and park service trail to Monogram Lake. Trees are easily passable by either going under them or walking around. Stream crossings are easily manageable. 

Lookout Mountain (USFS): Last flowing water source in summer is ~1/2 mile past the trail split to Monogram Lake. A small pool of water is just below the lookout.

General: Pets and hunting are not allowed in National Park. Food canisters are required for camping at Monogram Lake June 1 - Nov. 15. Backcountry Permits required for camping at Monogram Lake year-round. Look for tent pads and separate cooking areas. Do not camp on the lake shore.

Pyramid Lake Trailhead 1100', Lake 2600'
Hiker only
5/1 - Very few patchy snow remains - will probably be snow-free in less than a week. Trail is muddy and flooded in upper section. Few down logs to cross. Many sections of the trail is rocky and rooted - be cautious when wet.

Please help protect the Natural Research Area. Camping and fires not allowed at Pyramid Lake or along Pyramid Creek.

Sourdough / Pierce Mountain Trailhead at 900'
Sourdough Camp at 5055'
Sourdough Lookout at 5968'
Hiker only
LONG-TERM FIRE CLOSURES-Sourdough Mountain trail is closed due to the Sourdough Fire- Fire Closures.

General: The ridgeline trail can be difficult to follow. Cairns mark the trail just east of the lookout. East of Pierce Mountain Camp the trail is somewhat difficult to follow due to brush and downed trees. After snowmelt, no water available on Pierce Mountain Trail except from pools at Pierce Mountain Camp which will dry up as the summer progresses. Carry plenty of water if ascending the trail from the junction with Big Beaver Trail.

Hard-sided food canister required at Sourdough and Pierce Mountain Camps June 1 - Nov. 15. Pets and hunting are not allowed past the National Park boundary (about 2 miles from trailhead).

Stetattle Creek Trailhead at 900'
Hiker only
LONG-TERM FIRE CLOSURES-Stetattle Creek trail is closed due to the Sourdough Fire- Fire Closures.

No recent report. Expect recently downed trees along the trail, high creek crossings and snow at higher elevations.

General: Several challenging trail sections in the first 1/4 mile where the creek has eroded the bank and trail (some scrambling and hand holds). Not recommended for beginners or families with small children.

Thornton Lake Trailhead 3000', ridge above lake is 5000',
Thornton Lake 4500'
Hiker only
6/29 - Trail is snow-free

6/19 - Snow encountered at ~4900’. Various small snow patches on trail but very manageable with hiking shoes. No snow found on the descent to the log jam crossing just before reaching the camp.  Campsites are free of snow.

General: The trail from the ridge to the lakeshore is steeper than most trails and can be very slippery when wet or icy. Crossing the lake outlet requires crossing a logjam, use caution. Not recommended for families with small children.

Food canisters required at Thornton Lakes Camp June 1 - Nov 15.

Thunder Knob 1200' to 1875'
Hiker only
10/27 - Temporary bridge over creek has been removed for the season.
To access trailhead, park along SR 20 and not in Colonial Creek Campground.

Trail Name Elevation and Trail Type Reported Conditions
Bullion Loop Trail Trailhead 1500'
Hiker, Stock
5/23 - Trail cleared
Company Creek Trailhead 1200', leaves park at 2500'
Hiker, stock
5/23 - Trail cleared to park boundary

General: Must ford Company Creek at 5 mile. Trail is obscure south of Hilgard Pass and difficult to follow due to damage from 2015 Wolverine Fire.
Devore Creek NPS boundary 2000'
Hiker only
No recent report

General: Trail south of Ten Mile Pass (to Hilgard Pass) is obscure and difficult to follow due to 2015 Wolverine Fire.
Lakeshore Trail Elevation 1200'
Hiker, stock
5/23 - Trail cleared from Stehekin to Flick Creek

General: High rattlesnake activity, particularly on sunny days. Ticks common in spring and early summer.This trail was burned over in 2010, so new blowdowns are common.
Rainbow Loop Trail Elevation 1200' to 2200'
Hiker, stock
5/23 - Trail cleared

General: Southern end of this trail passes through the 2010 Rainbow Bridge Fire zone. There may be new down trees between Lower Rainbow Loop TH and Rainbow Bridge camp. Trail from Bench Creek to Stehekin can be dry and dusty.
Stehekin River Trail 1200'
Hiker only
6/12 - Trail has one ~8" tree, waist high, across trail. Otherwise good conditions.

General: In 2015, this trail was used as a fire break for the Wolverine Fire--expect to see many cut trees. Trail often floods during spring snowmelt and high-water events. Trail access is from south end of Stehekin airstrip.

Last updated: October 31, 2023

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