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What We Do

Have you ever wondered about National Park Service jobs?

From studying wildlife, operating wastewater treatment plants, and timing the next Old Faithful geyser eruption, there are many different types of positions that help preserve resources in Yellowstone for current and future generations.

Join us each week as we talk with Yellowstone employees about their experiences working for the world’s first national park and offer tips for you to get involved with the NPS.

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Telemetry iTunes Art

Telemetry: The Sound of Science in Yellowstone

"Telemetry" refers to the wireless transmission of information, often via radio waves, from one location to another. Our public radio-style audio series helps transmit some of Yellowstone's scientific investigations to listeners, wherever they are. Go on a sound safari in the world's first national park for surprising stories and in-depth reporting that highlight science and issues in the region.

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Telemetry is supported by Yellowstone Forever, and by a generous grant through the Eyes on Yellowstone program. Eyes on Yellowstone is made possible by Canon U.S.A., Inc. This program represents the largest corporate donation for wildlife conservation in the park.

Thanks also to the Acoustic Atlas at the Montana State University Library.

Logos for the Acoustic Atlas, Montana State University Library, and Yellowstone Forever

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Explore Yellowstone Careers

Learn more about the wide variety of National Park Service positions available in Yellowstone.

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Work With Us

Search for jobs with the National Park Service or companies that operate in the park.

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Photos & Multimedia

Virtually tour the park through photographs, sounds, videos, and interactive maps.

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Discover the natural wonder of Yellowstone, from the geology beneath the plant communities to the animals migrating through the ecosystem.

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Learn about the current natural and cultural resource issues that Yellowstone is managing for this and future generations.

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