Guided Stream and Shoreline Fishing CUA



This CUA authorizes guided walk and wade fishing trips in park streams and lakes.

General Provisions

  1. Maximum group size is 6 people, including guides. The CUA holder may offer multiple trips per day but is limited to a maximum of 15 clients per day. Each group must include at least one guide. Groups must be dispersed and may not congregate in one area.
  2. All clients and guides must have a Yellowstone National Park fishing permit and must obey park fishing regulations which can be found at Fishing permits are required for anyone 16 years and older.
  3. The CUA holder is responsible for ensuring that all guides and clients are safely equipped and properly clothed for the activity and current and forecasted weather conditions prior to the trip.
  4. Fish that are kept should be cleaned at a cleaning station if possible. Otherwise, all entrails should have the air bladders punctured and then be thrown into the deepest water possible where they were caught. It is prohibited to bury, burn, or leave fish entrails on shore.
  5. Float tube use is permitted in lakes and the section of the Lewis River between Lewis Lake and Shoshone Lake with this CUA Float tube users must have a Yellowstone National Park watercraft permit, an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) inspection, and abide by the park’s Boating Regulations.
  6. Float tube users must wear a Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) at all times, carry an accessible whistle to use during emergencies, and a United States Coast Guard approved visual distress signal (pocket sized) for guide use during emergencies.
  7. Any inflatable or float tube authorized for use under this CUA and associated water recreational articles must undergo an AIS inspection prior to entering any water within Yellowstone National Park. AIS inspections must be done at the same time a watercraft permit is issued and conducted only by authorized National Park Service (NPS) AIS staff.
  8. Any article immersed in park waters known to contain AIS, shall be thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to entering any other waters within the park. This would include waders, hip boots, nets, and other associated fishing gear. Felt soled boots are not permitted in the park. Given the presence of AIS is not always known, it is a best management practice to decontaminate and clean all equipment when moving from one water body to another.
  9. CUA operators shall arrive at AIS inspections stations with float tubes clean, maintained, and prepared for inspection. Float tubes that require any type of cleaning will be turned away.
  10. Packs with food or other bear attractants may not be left unattended on shore and must be properly stored or kept on person while fishing.
  11. For further backcountry guidelines and regulations, please refer to the information provided in “Beyond Road’s End” available in any Backcountry Office.
  12. One guide on each trip must have previous, relevant outdoor experience including previous experience on the trails, lakes, or streams they are guiding.
  13. The guide for any trip within the park must have a basic knowledge of map reading and carry a topographic map for the area of their trip if they are guiding in the backcountry. It is recommended the guide have a compass and knowledge of compass use.
  14. Each guide must carry a minimum of one can of bear spray and know how to use it. Bear spray for clients is recommended.
  15. A separate CUA for motorized or non-motorized boating CUA is required for the use of watercraft other than float tubes.
  16. Guided activities such as biking, boating, photography instruction, and/or overnight backcountry trips are not authorized under this permit. You may day hike to locations under this permit for the purpose of fishing.

How to apply for this CUA activity

  1. Complete CUA application packets should be submitted via email to
  2. Complete application packets include the documents listed below (click on the blue links below to download each document):
  3. If your application is missing any components listed above, we will inform you via the email address or phone number listed on the application. Any incomplete applications will be placed on hold until all required documentation is received.
  4. Once your application packet has been reviewed and approved, we will send the CUA, NPS Form 10-115, via the email address listed on the application.
  5. The CUA holder will then sign and return the CUA form(s) to The CUA is not final until the signed form(s) are received by our office.
  6. Submit a guide card request for any guides/employees that will be entering the park under this CUA at least two weeks prior to their first trip in the park.
  7. Complete and submit Annual Report Forms—Due by January 31st following the operating year.

Last updated: November 9, 2022

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