International Year of Caves and Karst 2021—NPS Celebrates!

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caver in wet area of cave with stalactites and stalagmites
A caver explores stalactites and stalagmites in a wet area of Jewell Cave. In the U.S., karst landscapes hold 40% of our groundwater. Jewel Cave National Monument, South Dakota. NPS photo.


The National Park Servide is joining in the celebration of The International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK) to help raise the level of understanding and respect for caves and karst as globally important physical, ecological, and cultural systems.The IYCK will be the largest ever event showcasing caves and karst landscapes across the world.

Caves are natural laboratories for preserving fossils, minerals, and records of past climates. Caves also provide habitats for unique and rare animals. Karst is a type of landscape that forms when rocks are dissolved by weak acids. Features that are often characteristic of karst terrains include caves, sinking or disappearing streams, sinkholes, and springs. The National Park Service manages approximately 5,000 caves, including four of the top 10 longest caves in the world. In the United States, 40% of fresh groundwater that we drink comes from karst aquifers.

The National Park Service and the National Natural Landmarks Program invite you to join in the celebration. Caves and karst areas are part of America’s Geoheritage because of their significant values, uniqueness, and diversity of natural features. We hope you can join us in the celebration and Discover What’s Under Your National Park!

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    Theme: Speleothems are mineral formations unique to caves

    Introduction: Speleothems exhibit bizarre patterns and other-worldly forms, which give some caves a wonderland appearance. They are secondary mineral deposits that form within air-filled passageways and may be made of a variety of minerals. The most common cave mineral is calcite, but aragonite and gypsum are also common. At least 175 different minerals occur in limestone caves, a few of which have only been found in caves.

    Topics: Rocks and minerals, deposition/growth, types

    Hashtags: #CaveSpeleothems

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    Join the vibrant virtual community of stewards, educators, and cavers in celebrating #IYCK2021. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share opportunities to learn and interact.

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    Featured Opportunities

    water color painting of desert and colorful sky with park arrowhead logo

    Three Sources of Light Podcast—Carlsbad Caverns
    Join park rangers for in-depth conversations that illuminate the diverse natural and cultural resources of Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The podcast is produced by the Interpretation Division at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. New episodes will be posted periodically throughout 2021.

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    Cave and Karst Art Contest—"Discover what's under your National Park!"
    The National Park Service and International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK) partners are sponsoring an art contest to celebrate the International Year of Caves and Karst in 2021. There will be two chances to win—national parks will host their own regional contest and the winners will advance to the national level. Artwork will be accepted starting February 1st and ending June 12th, 2021.

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    Celebrate Cave Week! June 6th – June 12th, 2021
    Dozens of parks across the country participate in Cave Week by offering special tours, events, and web-based activities. Celebrate and share #CaveWeek.

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    Become a Junior Cave Scientist
    Explore a fascinating and fragile underground world. Learn about caves and karst landscapes. Complete a few fun activities.

    two people operating a camera in a cave

    Virtual Tour of Lehman Caves—Great Basin National Park, Nevada
    Take a three part video tour—created from 3D imagery!—through the amazing subterranean world of Lehman Caves.

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    Last updated: April 7, 2021


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