Whimsical. Magical. Remote.

Imagine a place of whimsical beauty and larger-than-life landscapes: an ancestral home to ice-age giants and turbulent volcanic activity. A land that holds secrets to the intriguing history of human migration, sustains people that have lived here before its establishment as a preserve and continues to be part of a wide breadth of
 traditions. Bering Land Bridge is unlike any other place on earth.

Aerial view of man and woman knee deep in river as salmon swim through.

The Paleoarctic Tradition

First Alaskans, First Americans

Wooden artifacts lie on a rocky surface.

Discovery of the Hunter's Cache

17th century artifacts found in lava tube.

A selection of 6 spear points found in the Serpentine Hot Springs area.

Origins of the Fluted Spear Point.

How and when did people migrate into the Americas?

Aerial photos of a marshy coastline.

What is Beringia?

A submerged continent.

Harpoon resting on the side of a boat.

Alaska Natives and Early People

Today's practices date back to prehistoric cultural roots and traditions.

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