The Heart of a Continental Crossroads

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve lies at the continental crossroads that greatly influenced the distribution of life in the Western Hemisphere during the Pleistocene Epoch. It is a vital landscape for indigenous communities who depend on the land just as their ancestors did for many generations. It is a wild and ecologically healthy landscape unlike any other.

an elderly woman stands outside her home. She wears a green kuspuk that has a dark brown ruff.

Kuspuks: An Alaskan Classic

People in Alaska are often spotted wearing a colorful hooded garment with a big front pocket. This classic Alaska attire is a kuspuk.

A man take a selfie in front of a fish rack.

Indigenous Languages of Alaska: Inupiaq

Present-day Alaska is home to diverse groups of Indigenous people, each with their own traditions, ways of life, and knowledge,

Three people look out to the Bering Sea as a boat leaves shore.

Qamani: Up the Coast, In my Heart

An interactive map revealing the land’s ancestral history, pieces of native wisdom, observations, and lore.

A black title slide with a portrait of Sinrock Mary, the Reindeer Queen.

Sinrock Mary, the Reindeer Queen

Sinrock Mary is known for her legacy as a savvy businesswoman and interpreter for expeditions along the northern Alaska and Russian coast.

A black title card with a portrait of Elizabeth Peratrovich

Elizabeth Peratrovich

The 19th Amendment, Elizabeth Peratrovich, and the Ongoing Fight for Equal Rights.

A black title card with a portrait of Alberta Schenck.

Alberta Schenck, Teenage Activist

Alberta Schenck is most notably remembered for her role in the advancement of native rights.

From above, several archaeologist work on the excavation of a semi-subterranean driftwood house.

Analyzing Driftwood Houses

Archaeologist study some of the most well preserved semi-subterranean houses of early indigenous people.

Wooden artifacts lie on a rocky surface.

Discovery of the Hunter's Cache

17th century artifacts found in lava tube.

A selection of 6 spear points found in the Serpentine Hot Springs area.

Origins of the Fluted Spear Point

How and when did people migrate into the Americas?

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