Whimsical. Magical. Remote.

Imagine a place of whimsical beauty and larger-than-life landscapes: an ancestral home to ice-age giants and turbulent volcanic activity. A land that holds secrets to the intriguing history of human migration, sustains people that have lived here before its establishment as a preserve and continues to be part of a wide breadth of
 traditions. Bering Land Bridge is unlike any other place on earth.

Sun rises over snow covered tors.

Visit Serpentine Hot Springs

Traveling to Serpentine, bunkhouse and amenities, and information for pilots.

A snowmachiner driving towards snow covered tors in the distance.

Winter Travel to Serpentine

Learn more about winter visits to the preserve.

Two men in small room with yellow walls, several cots, and cooking paraphernalia.

Bunkhouse Amenities

Supplies and equipment found inside the bunkhouse.

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