The Heart of a Continental Crossroad

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve lies at the continental crossroad that greatly influenced the distribution of life in the Western Hemisphere during the Pleistocene Epoch. It is a vital landscape for Indigenous communities who depend on the land just as their ancestors did for many generations. It is a wild and ecologically healthy landscape unlike any other.

A shallow hot spring in a remote landscape is surrounded by rolling hills.
Serpentine Hot Springs

Planning a trip to Serpentine Hot Springs? Here is what you need to know.

In a dramatic landscape, giant tors jut out of gently slopping hills.
Migration Theories

Several theories exist on one of archaeology's most fascinating mysteries, the peopling of the Americas.

A ranger holds seashells on the beach while teaching students.

Bering Land Bridge provides education programs for classrooms both near and far.

Sea ice piles up on the shore in Nome, Alaska.
Conversations About Change

We invite you to explore stories about climate change through interviews with local residents in Nome and Skagway, Alaska.

A yellow tent is pitched on bare ground as gray clouds loom above.
Weather Safety

Long freezing winters and short, cool summers: here is what you can expect from Alaska's weather.

Three snowmobiles pointing down the trail.

Snowmobiling allows you to reach remote and secluded destinations during times of adequate snow coverage.

Last updated: April 30, 2024

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