A Journey of Conquest and Exploration

It was a journey of conquest filled with exploration, wonder - and cruelty. Inspired by tales of vast cities of gold, 339 European soldiers and hundreds of Aztec allies embarked on an epic journey through arid deserts and rugged mountains. They encountered rich traditions and brought new technologies. The resulting collision and combination of cultures reverberates today. Read More

Mural depicting Spanish rider on horseback and armed Aztec allies

The Coronado Expedition

Spanish arrival in the Southwest & northwest Mexico, while often violent, brought about a dramatic biological and cultural exchange

Visitors silhouetted in flashlight beams, cave formations illuminated

Visiting Coronado Cave

Are you planning a trip to Coronado Cave? Start here! Get information about what to expect, what gear to bring, and cave safety tips.

A map of southeast Arizona

How To Get Here

Coronado National Memorial is tucked in a mountain canyon and shares a southern border with Mexico.

Bright red bird perches on a small branch

Birding at Coronado

The park is a great birding destination with a variety of habitats. Find a .pdf of the park's bird list here.

A robed priest prays before a wooden cross

People on the Expedition

It wasn't just Coronado and his captains on the journey. Many people made up the expedition - priests, Aztec allies, herders, and many more

I hike for health logo, agave and canyon in the background

Climb & Explore / Escala y Explora

Hike for your health! Hike a combined three miles in the park and earn a commemorative pin from a park ranger.

A hiker on a trail, mountains and valleys in the distance.

Hike the Borderlands

8 miles of trails lead hikers into the mountains and oak forests of the park, including a trail to the US-Mexico international border.

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Western National Parks Association

WNPA is our nonprofit education partner. WNPA supports Coronado by developing products, services and programs to enrich your experience.

A mass of bright red, elongated flowers on a bush


Wildflowers can be found nearly year-round in the park

Virtual Passport Stamp

Virtual Stamp

Download, print, and attach this stamp to your passport book.

Canon at Fort Bowie NM

Parks Nearby

Many parks are just a few hours from us.

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