Mohave Point

From behind a curved guardrail, a view of a river within a mile-deep canyon of peaks and cliffs.
Mohave Point offers a spectacular view west, and one of the better views of the Colorado River.

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Hermit Road
Scenic Overlook

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Another spectacular point for watching sunset, Mohave Point offers excellent views of the Colorado River deep in the canyon below. From here you can also see the Salt Creek, Granite, and Hermit rapids.

Below this viewpoint, 'The Alligator' named by Emery Kolb points across the Colorado River to the 'Tower of Set', named by painter Thomas Moran. Next to these are the Horus and Osiris temples. To the left of these, you will see the 'Tower of Ra'. Off to the right, 'Isis Temple'.

What shapes or inspiring features do you seen in the canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: April 5, 2024