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Typical weather for the preserve ranges from lows of zero in the winter and highs of 90 + degrees in the summer. Please check current weather conditions at NOAA before hiking into the preserve. Lightning poses a danger when hiking into the prairie.

Entrance Fees:

No entrance fee - $0.00

All activities are free at the preserve.

Entrance Passes:

No annual passes - $0.00

Entrance to the preserve is free.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Begin your visit to the preserve at the visitor center, complete with 10-minute orientation video, exhibits, restrooms, and drinking fountains.

ranger in the tallgrass
Ranger giving tour in the tallgrass prairie


Welcome to the Tallgrass Prairie!
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The main visitor season is from April through October with the off-season November through March. The historic buildings are open everyday, except some major holidays. The hiking trails are open 24/7 year-round, closing only in times of prescribed fire. All access to the prairie is by hiking or walking. No private vehicles are allowed in the prairie.
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