Pet policies at the preserve
Pets at the preserve must be on a 6-foot leash.

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We are fortunate to share some of our outdoor spaces with our furry friends. Help us keep the park clean, safe, and enjoyable for everyone visiting. Take part in ethical responsibility to maintain our nation's heritage of outdoor recreation.

Know Before You Go

  • Pet-friendly Areas: pets may accompany you in the parking lots, picnic areas, and around the outside of historic buildings.

  • Pet-friendly Nature Trails: The Fox Creek Trail, Z Bar Spur, Bottomland Nature Trail, and Southwind Nature Trail are open year-round. The Two Section Trail opens seasonally to pets (usually early Fall to early Spring) when cattle are not present in the pastures. Please check with park staff, the park website, or trailhead kiosks.

  • Restricted areas: pets are not allowed inside park buildings or park vehicles with the exception of Service Animals.

  • Pets require a 6-foot leash. Unattended pets may not be left tied up. Pets are to be kept under physical control at all times when in the park and outside your vehicle. Maintaining control protects your pet from hazards. Encounters between wildlife & pets or pets & pets is greatly reduced.

  • Check weather conditions that might affect your pet's health. Adequate water, shade, and supervision are all important considerations for your pet, especially in the hot summer months. Even when "nice" outdoors, temperatures can become life threatening inside a vehicle.

Manage Your Pet

  • Stay on Trails: protect your pet from wildlife. Many unseen hazards live in and under the sea of grass. Poison ivy, snakes, skunks, ticks to name a few. More info on our Safety Page.
  • Maintain Control: protect the wildlife from your pet. Pets can flush out nesting birds and medium-sized prey. You can both be excited about walking through the prairie at 6-foot length. Physical control also prevents unwanted interactions between pets and other visitors. Not everyone is comfortable around other people's animals.

Be Considerate of Others

  • Yield to all: Not everyone is comfortable with dogs. We all enjoy outdoors in different ways.

  • Barking: Let nature sounds prevail. Excessive noise is never cool.

  • Pick Up Poop: A person's pleasant day can quickly be ruined by stepping in pet waste. Poop also poses a health hazard to people, especially children.

    • Poop Stinks!: Canine feces has a strong aroma to mark territory. This scent signals to wildlife that predators are in the area. The scent of poop affects where some wildlife setup their habitat.

    • Protecting the Resource: it may be bio-degradable, but too much feces can affect water resources.

    • Leave No Trace also applies to pets. The higher visitation areas (parking lots, picnic areas, and around park buildings) are most prone for pets relieving themselves.

    • Forgot supplies? Waste disposal bags are located at kiosks at the base of the driveway hill and the Southwind Nature Trail nearest the front of the ranch house. Please dispose of the waste properly in any outside trash receptacles.

Last updated: March 6, 2022

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