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You are invited to find your park as the National Park Service continues into its second century.

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You are also invited to find your virtual park and stay connected wherever you are in the world.

National parks offer extraordinary experiences, but it’s not always possible to get to a park in person. Fortunately we have ways to connect with national parks from a distance through digital opportunities and activities to do in your own home or neighborhood. There are enough activities to keep you occupied for days! Find some suggestions below to engage with parks remotely and check for additional opportunities on park and NPS program websites.

NPS partners also have interesting ways to stay connected with national parks on their websites and social media, including live tours, kids activities, reading lists, digital suggestions, and more. Check out the National Park Foundation's suggestions for Park Activities You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home or Take a Virtual Visit to a National Park

Social Media

It’s not just pretty pictures (although we have plenty of those!). Join the conversation and connect with a national park anytime on social media. Share stories, photos, trip ideas, park experiences, and more with park staff and fellow park enthusiasts. Take a virtual tour, talk to a ranger, or participate in a live presentation. Use #FindYourVirtualPark or #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque.

Many parks and programs have their own accounts to follow and don’t forget to follow the national NPS accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube.  

  • Facebook: Receive updates, news releases, photos, videos, events, and live streams from parks and NPS programs.
  • Instagram: Get your daily inspiration of photos, videos, and live stories from parks around the country.
  • Twitter: Receive park updates, news releases, photos, and videos from @NatlParkService.
  • Flickr: Discover high-quality, full-resolution public domain images.
  • YouTube: Explore videos about wildlife, history, events, trip planning, and more.

Sights and Sounds

Explore national parks from the comfort of anywhere in the world through online galleries of photos, videos, webcams, podcasts, and sound recordings.

Face of a mountain lion

Check in on your favorite parks through webcams showing current conditions, views, and sometimes local resident wildlife.

19th-century cannon firing
Multimedia Gallery

Browse the Multimedia Gallery's extensive collection of photos, videos, audio programs, and more.

Night sky over a Joshua tree

NPGallery showcases collections of photos from all national parks and NPS programs.

Virtual Tours & Programs

Visit national parks and join ranger programs via virtual tours offered by parks and NPS partners on websites and social media channels. Check individual park and partner sites for more virtual tours. Here are a few to get started.

Kids Activities

Keep the next generation of park stewards engaged with learning, exploring, and caring for our nation's natural and cultural heritage with family-friendly activities that can be done at home or in your community.

Kid coloring a face mask
Kids Portal

Explore resources for kids of all ages to do at home or in a park to learn more about nature, history, and culture in parks.

Back of a kid's hat lined with Junior Ranger badges
Junior Ranger Programs

Download Junior Ranger books from parks or about special topics. Some books may earn you a badge!

Kid coloring a face mask
Educators Portal

Educators can find lesson plans and other educational materials for students of all educational levels to do in the classroom or at home.

Volunteer holding a horn of an animal in the desert
Distance Learning

Teachers can take students on a virtual field trip with rangers and volunteers in a park. Browse opportunities for your class.

Game Time

Infographic with text "National Parks Games and Challenges" with illustrations of parks
Games and Challenges

Test your knowledge or learn something new about national parks with games and challenges for all ages.

"Parking" Tips For Anywhere

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    Last updated: March 1, 2024