Virtual Tour of Monocacy


Worthington House Virtual Tour

With rare exceptions, the historic Worthington house is closed to the public. This virtual tour allows you to explore the full, unrestored interior of the house.

Sunlit porch at Worthington House

Worthington Virtual Tour - Standard

Explore 360-degree photos of Worthington House and see what secrets this historic house holds.

A staircase wraps upward to the second floor of the house

Worthington Virtual Tour - Enhanced

Move from room to room and interact with photos and sound clips in this immersive 3D tour of the historic Worthington House.


Computer-generated Models

Check out Monocacy National Battlefield's virtual tours! We have created 3-D models of many of the park's historic buildings and the Visitor Center to provide an overview of some of the things that make the battlefield a special place.

Monocacy National Battlefield
Monocacy NB Visitor Center

Welcome to Monocacy: An Introduction
This two-minute video provides a brief introduction to the Battle of Monocacy and the battlefield's visitor center.

(.WMV format | time: 2:01 | 8.5mb)
(.M4V - iPod format | 9.5mb)

Monocacy National Battlefield, Best Farm, Secondary Dwelling
Best Farm Secondary Dwelling (right)

Best Farm Secondary Dwelling
This short video explores interesting details about one of the oldest buildings at Monocacy - the ca. 1790 Best Farm Secondary Dwelling.

(.WMV format | time: 0:48 | 5.1mb)
(.M4V - iPod format | 4.4mb)

Monocacy National Battlefield, Worthington House
Worthington House

Worthington House
Take a quick tour of the exterior of the Worthington House while learning some details of its construction and history.

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Last updated: January 28, 2021

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