Two rangers filming a video at a buffalo jump site on the Casey property
Rangers Ted Firkins and Amanda Hagerty brave a winter storm to film our Bison Jump video.

NPS Photo / Matthew Chuvarsky

Wind Cave National Park is a place of all seasons and for all interests. With a wide variety of animals, plants, landscapes, and geological features, it is the perfect place to find your park. It is not, however, possible for most people to experience everything the park has to offer. Rangers have created a variety of online videos to help you view seldom seen, difficult to access, and just plain fascinating features within Wind Cave National Park.


Wind Cave National Park Videos

Bison on the prairie

Lakota Emergence Story

Find out why Oniya Oshoka, also known as Wind Cave, is so significant to so many people.

A cliff of red rocks protrudes from the surrounding hills.

Bison Jump Archeology

Find out how the recently acquired Sanson Ranch property can teach us about the park's prehistory.

Men hauling cement into the cave.

Civilian Conservation Corps

The Civilian Conservation Corps was integral to the development of Wind Cave National Park.

a wildland firefighter standing next to a small forest fire tamping down burning grass

Creating a Relationship with Fire

Learn how fire can be controlled effectively to benefit both plant and animal communities in Wind Cave.

A bull elk wandering through the prairie

Elk Management

Find out about management strategies for Wind Cave's resident elk herd.


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9 seconds

A bee gathers pollen from a pink flower in the prairie then flies away.

Last updated: October 3, 2020

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