Celebrate Cave Week!

Cave Week 2024 will take place during the first week of June:
June 2nd – June 8th

photo of a person inside a cave with large cave formations hanging down from above
Chimney Cave, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico.

NPS image by Dan Pawlak.

Welcome to Cave Week 2024!

Cave Week is a great chance to enjoy, celebrate and learn about our National Park caves. National Park caves provide tons of family fun and adventures for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

More than 20 U.S. parks, several Parks Canada sites and NASA are participating in Cave Week via social media posts, cave tours, exhibits, school events, web pages and much more. To be involved in cave week join your nearby park's social media feed or follow their links below.

This year marks the 7th anniversary of Cave Week. The focus of the week is on caves and karst, their importance, geology, history, biology, current research, exploration, restoration, and promoting other sites across the US, Canada, and the world.

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    Join the vibrant virtual community of stewards, educators, and cavers in celebrating #CaveWeek, and share opportunities to interact.

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    Solution Caves

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    Sea or Littoral Caves

    Lava Tubes

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    Ice Caves

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    Karst Landscapes

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    Photo Galleries

    Please enjoy these photo galleries with images of a variety of cave and karst features and activities from throughout the National Park System.

    Junior Cave Scientist Program

    The Junior Cave Scientist Activity Book is featured at many National Parks and National Forests. It is also available online for use in classrooms, at home, or on your next road trip to visit one of America's spectacular caves.

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