"A sense of place" is a phrase often used to describe New England, where families can spend generations in the same house, and some of the earliest historic preservation programs in the country began. The places of Salem Maritime tell their own stories, from succeeding residents of the Narbonne House leaving their marks on the house, to the Revolutionary discussions that happened in the parlors of the Derby House, to the wharves that witnessed dramatic changes in trade over the course of two and a half centuries.


Explore Salem

  • a large purple flower with multiple petals and green leaves in the background
    Colonial Revival Garden

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of an 18th century historic garden with over 150 varieties of heirloom annuals, perennials, and bulbs.

  • Two story brick building with white columns and gold eagle on roof
    Custom House

    Take in the views of this prominent building where Nathaniel Hawthorne once worked and the U.S. Custom Service operated.

  • Two story brick house with many windows and leaves on the ground indicate it is fall
    Derby House

    Tour this home of a Salem merchant family whose fortunes were tied to trade with slave societies of the West Indies.

  • light house on the edge of the water
    Derby Light Station

    Once powered by an oil lamp shining through a Fresnel lens, this light station at the end of Derby Wharf, is now solar powered.

  • two people walking down a strip of land surrounded by water
    Derby Wharf

    One of four historic wharfs in the park, walk the Derby Wharf National Recreation Trail that reaches into Salem Harbor.

  • Three-masted vessel sailing on the ocean with black hull and white sails

    Step aboard this replica tall ship to learn about Salem's global connections and life and work at sea.

  • yellow three-story federal style home with rows of windows with green shutters and a fence
    Hawkes House

    Discover the home of Elizabeth and Elias Hasket Derby, built by famous Salem architect Samuel McIntire.

  • A sailboat is in front of a two story wooden building on the edge of the water.
    Pedrick Store House

    Moved from the neighboring town of Marblehead, warehouses like this one once lined the wharfs filled with goods from around the world.

  • barrels are in front of wooden stairs which lead up to the closed door of a brick building.
    Public Stores

    Step back in time in this warehouse to examine examples of trade goods that would have been stored or impounded here.

  • Side view of a two-story greenish-grey house with white trim
    Narbonne House

    Visit this "witness house" to the 1692 witch trials which was home to working class families and enterprising single women.

  • A wooden ramp leads to the side of a small brick building.
    Scale House

    Check out this small brick building used to store and safeguard the equipment for to weighing and measuring the cargo of ships.

  • Front view of St. Joseph Hall
    St. Joseph Hall

    By the turn of the 20th century, the western end of Derby Street became the heart of the Polish community in Salem.

  • two-story blue building with maroon trim and four windows with grids
    West India Goods Store

    Learn about the store where Captain Henry Prince sold goods from all over the world.

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